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iniBuilds Tease ‘Ultimate Airliner Experience’ for MSFS2020

A big announcement is due to be made at FSExpo in 2 weeks time.

iniBuilds Tease ‘Ultimate Airliner Experience’ for MSFS2020

iniBuilds have announced that they will lift the lid on what they are branding ‘the ultimate airliner experience’ at FSExpo in 12 days time.

On the team’s Discord server, MJ (who is a staff member at the addon developer) made the announcement while sharing a single image of an aircraft engine.

The image has lead to speculation from all quarters of the community regarding what the new airliner could be. Our team of sleuths here at FSElite reckon that it’s a CF6 engine, which is seen across a wide variety of airliners including the Airbus A300, Boeing 747, 767, and MD-11.

iniBuilds have previously developed the A300 for XPlane-11, along with the Beluga cargo transporter which is based on the A300’s airframe. This would make it a strong contender for the hidden identity of the ‘ultimate airliner experience’. However, iniBuilds do have a habit of pulling rabbits out hats and have surprised us many times in the past, not least with the surprise announcement of the AN-225 and A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. So we are not ruling anything out right now.

What do you think the ultimate airliner experience could be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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