Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.3

Mobile flight simulator app, Infinite Flight has received an incremental update that adds significant new…

Posted: 08-Aug-2019 @ 09:16z
Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.3

Mobile flight simulator app, Infinite Flight has received an incremental update that adds significant new features to the platform. Version 19.3 of Infinite Flight brings HD satellite 15m imagery to the whole Globe. Furthermore, the new update continues to their efforts to making more cockpits with animated instruments.

In the blog post from the team, Infinite Flight discusses how back in 2017, the first steps in bringing 15m imagery to the platform were brought to life. Fast forward to now and the whole Globe is as detailed as any other part. With the new data came with some challenges, but the developers took the opportunity to revamp the scenery servers to make them better for efficiency and performance, whilst also improving the scalability for future scenery updates. This means you can now explore the world in Infinite Flight with incredible detail.

Following on from the new HD imagery, it was also confirmed that version 19.3 will also bring about a new live cockpit for the A320. Taking the technology introduced in the XCub and its glass displays, the A320 now benefits from much of that to enable players to fly from the cockpit of the beloved aircraft. This is just the first iteration of glass instruments for the aircraft with simplified versions of the PFD, MFD, ECAM, FMS, COM Radios, Chrono/Click and Autopilot systems such as altitude, altimeter and airspeed. All of these steps are all part of the continued development of the long-awaited A350 for Infinite Flight.

The other big change with the update is the new aircraft state system that the instruments are built upon.  This will enable 3rd party developers more control over the simulator and enable them to create even better companion apps in the future.

Infinite Flight version 19.3 is available right now and will be downloaded to your Android or iOS device.

If you’re interested to learn more about Infinite Flight you should read our first impressions article or head over to their website. 

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