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iFly Releases 737 Max 8-200

Max density in iFly’s 737 update.

iFly Releases 737 Max 8-200

iFly has released the 737 Max 8-200 update for their 737 Max 8 aircraft add-on. The update includes the high density version of the aircraft, alongside several other changes and fixes.

The 737 Max 8-200 is the high density version of the Max 8, featuring a 197 seat configuration. Due to this increase in seats, the Max 8-200 features additional emergency exits in the Mid-Aft section of the aircraft. iFly has, of course, included these in their rendition of the plane, alongside animations to operate these emergency exits. iFly’s Max 8-200 also features updated several systems, including an updated EFB to reflect the changes between the Max 8 and Max 8-200.

iFly’s 737 Max 8-200 is included in the base package of the 737 Max 8, and is therefor free for people that have already purchased this add-on. If you do not yet own iFly’s 737 Max 8 (which includes the Max 8-200), it can be picked up for $69.95 USD from Flight1.

Images shown are of the regular 737 Max 8.

Changelog (v1.0.1.0)

  • When going Missed approach, lateral guidance reverts to HDG SEL, It should stay in LNAV.
    Foot note: Better piloting skills would have mitigated this problem, by setting runway heading on final and by confirming proper roll mode at 400ft.
  • RTE page font lower case problem. Fixed
  • CMD/CWS OFF, FD operation during ILS approach is not working correctly on PFD and HUD, does not line the plane up with the canter line and touch down zone. Fixed
  • Buffer / Buffet Margins. Adjusted
  • Using Keyboard or Hardware, When certain PITCH and ROLL modes on the MCP is activated / armed  but the A/P is OFF it dampens the pitch and roll input controls. They become very slow and sluggish to respond making it difficult to make quick or big input corrections. This dampen effect is be normal if the A/P was ON, but then if you push the Control Surfaces and switch to CWS P and CWS R the control inputs should work normal and not be slowed down. Fixed
  • Chocks are creating issues during re-fueling. Fixed
  • EFIS Display Control Panel Switch Bug.
  • Take Note: You must disable the Option “Sync Captain and F/O MINS/BARO” for this function to work correctly. Also the EFIS controls on both sides should be operated to initialize them prior to doing the switching.
  • CRZ Page TURB N1 values too high. Corrected
  • MINIMUM callouts. Fixed
  • Take Note: The two Callouts should only happen if the MINS  RADIO/BARO  entry is visible on the CAPT  PFD (by pressing the RST button)  If the MINS is not visible on the CAPT  PFD then the MINIMUM callouts will be “muted” / not triggered.
  • EFB TO calculations should take runway length and conditions into consideration.
  • Take Note: The data for these calculations are proprietary. We do not have this data, and they do not appear in any manuals. This is data Boeing supply to Airlines and they then finetune it for the airports they fly to and from. The only thing we could do with the minimal data we have is to create an approximated simulation. That means that this data is not fail proof, but under normal conditions it should calculate maximum Derate values that can be used in most cases for RTO before V1. There are however limitations that we cannot cater for.
  • Plane should obey speed restrictions, example on CLB only accelerate to FMC CLB SPD when plane is AT or ABOVE 10 000ft.
  • Take Note: this behavior depends on the set MCP Altitude.
  • Readbgl does not read above 099 xml entries. Fixed
  • F/O Side Baro display. Fixed
  • FD Clickspot overlap the  Light TEST/BRT/DIM switch behind it if you click to low near the word OFF. Fixed
  • The Option “Inhibit Throttle When AutoThrottle Engage” should now work again.
  • Implemented new Engine start sound via Gauge control.
  • Take Note: This should hopefully eliminate the scenario when switching camera views causing the files to start playing from the beginning.
  • Added Flaps motor sound to exterior view.
  • Additional optimization’s to LE & TE Flap extend/retract timings.
  • Light test and 6-Pack behavior Logic applied.
  • SDK added.
  • NDB Approach A/P and ND optimization.
  • Adjusted GPWS Radio Altitude callouts.
  • Additional adjustments to Draw Vector Line.
  • Virtual Cockpit and External Engine sounds adjusted and refined.
  • Take note: Adjust P3D Sound “Engine” setting to you personal volume preference.
  • Additional optimization to VNAV Descent.
  • Wiper sounds implemented.
  • Added 60sec GPWS mode 4 delay during Go-Around.
  • Additional optimization to DECEL points.
  • Remove VMO/MMO overspeed triggered by Flap Extend Max SPD.
  • Adjust 8-200 Config tool CoG loadout.
  • HGS always displaying MINS Baro. Fixed 
  • ADF showing VOR distance on PFD. Fixed
  • Found and fixed the reason for Dynamic wing flexing to stop working after T/O when using Active Sky.
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