iFly Previews 737NG Expansion Packs on P3D

The iFly Advanced Series 737NG will soon see the arrival of a new expansion pack that will add a range of 737 variants to the product in Prepar3D.

14 Jan 2022 18:30z

The iFly Advanced Series 737NG was released towards the end of 2021. Included with the package was both the 737-800 and the 737-900 variants, but the team promised that more would be released as expansions in the near future. On Facebook, the team shared a few previews of the new expansion pack in development.

Included with the Expansion Pack or the iFly Advanced Series 737NG will be a host of different aircraft variations. The package will include the -600, -700, -700ER, -900ER, BBJ/BBJ2/BBJ3, and 800BCF variants. To help showcase what these will look like in the simulator, Flight One Software shared a handful of images.

We’re expecting more news and previews in the future from iFly about the Expansion Packs destined for the Advanced Series 737NG on Prepar3D.

Further to these expansion packs, we’re also keen to learn more about the confirmed 737 MAX series of aircraft coming from iFly in the future.

Customers who already own the original iFly 737 series on Prepar3D can get 25% off the Advanced Series. If you owned the FSX version, you are entitled to 20% off. The discount vouchers can be found on the Flight1 Agent platform.

Otherwise, you can buy the iFly Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG for Prepar3D v5 now from Flight1 for $69.95.

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