iFly Jets Advanced Series 737-MAX8 Released for Prepar3D

One of the most modern airliners is now available to buy in Prepar3D.

Posted: 17-Dec-2022 @ 20:39z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:25z
iFly Jets Advanced Series 737-MAX8 Released for Prepar3D

iFly has wasted no time this evening after announcing their 737-MAX8 was ready to be released for Prepar3D v5. The new aircraft aims to replicate Boeing’s 737-MAX8 to a high level of accuracy with a detailed virtual cockpit, in-depth systems, and plenty of options to customize the experience.

The aircraft comes with a plethora of features to bring the most immersive experience possible for simmers. The modeling has been refined as an ultra-high definition model that comes with full PBR material usage. There is also a custom sound package included that will change based on altitude, air density, and more. Inside the cockpit, you will find plenty of animations for the windows, wipers, sun blinds, and pilot seats.

Under visuals is an aircraft that comes with a huge number of systems to get stuck into. Cabin pressurization is modeled, along with predictive wind shear, aural alerts, and a full TCAS. Those looking to give themselves added pressure can also enable many of the failures in the system included.

The autopilot will also give you plenty of options, allowing you to complete all types of flying scenarios. There are various leg types such as track-to-fix, direct-to-fix, and also full LNAV/VNAV integration. GLS approach is also included along with a fully simulated AFDS status annunciation. The FMS also allows you to add winds aloft data, and conditional waypoints and also utilizes cost index accurately.

Other things that are good to note are the inclusion of a heads-up display, an onboard EFB, and also an optional RAAS system.

Outside of the aircraft itself, iFly has included an interactive config manager, a full operational manual (with included tutorial), a variety of liveries, and 4000 SIDs and STARs for those without a subscription to FMS data.

You can buy the iFly Jets Advanced Series 737-MAX8 for Prepar3D v5 right now for $69.95. There is a discount for 737NG customers.

“If you purchased iFly Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG for Prepar3D v5, or iFly Jets – The 737NG for Prepar3D (v1 through 4), iFly would like to offer a discount. Make sure you use the Coupon/Voucher then Auto-Coupon feature when selecting the product to get a 30% off (for the Advanced V5 edition) and 20% off (for the P3D v1 through v4 edition).”

Main Features

  • Supports Prepar3D 5.3+
  • Uses DirectX 12
  • Systems built entirely in pure C++ utilizing Windows APIs
  • Built around Enhanced Atmospherics (TrueSky)
  • Ultra-High-Definition Virtual Cockpit model.
  • Full PBR materials Virtual Cockpit.
  • High-Definition External model.
  • Intuitive mouse Click-spot logic.
  • Ultra-High-Definition Textures and Display Units in the Virtual Cockpit – VR compatible.
  • Dynamic Lighting system for the Virtual Cockpit.
  • Ultra-Resolution PBR material textures and text labels for the External Model.
  • Comm Radios supports 8.33KHz frequency spacing.
  • New Dynamic Lighting system and Effects for External Model, supporting PBR & non-PBR surface materials.
  • MAX8 engine sound by Immersive Audio (pilot view orientated).
  • iFly developed core engine sound system (engine sound & tone will change based on thrust, altitude & air density).
  • Fully Immersive Audio Cockpit sounds.
  • Electronic Flight Bag with Navigraph Terminal Charts integration. Requires Navigraph subscription https://navigraph.com/home
  • 3D Passenger Cabin with interactive seatbelt and no-smoking signs with light intensity control.
  • Collimated HUD utilizing advanced rendering technique in Prepar3D v5.3.
  • Rain drops on Virtual Cockpit & 3D cabin glass, visible also on the exterior windows.
  • Accurate Landing gear compression.
  • Includes a wide array of 3D components in the wheel wells.
  • All doors, including emergency exits and cargo holds, can be opened.
  • Battery system charging and discharging models managed through custom-developed battery engine, which is much more accurate than P3D’s.
  • Engine performance simulation, including in-air N1 & N2 fan animation.
  • And so much more…
  • Flight Systems and Modelling
  • Dozens of features make up the flight systems and models included in product.
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