Hype Performance Group H145 for MSFS; Early Access Pre-Order Pledge

The developers behind the currently available H135 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has announced a new…

Posted: 29-May-2021 @ 13:56z
Hype Performance Group H145 for MSFS; Early Access Pre-Order Pledge

The developers behind the currently available H135 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has announced a new payware product that will bring the H145 to the simulator. However, what is bizarre is that they are asking for ‘pledge’ money to get access to an early build before you can even download it.

According to the developer’s page, the helicopter will come with several features to make the experience realistic. Once the product is made available, it will come with 3 model variants (civilian, luxury and military), each will have realistic avionics that is in-depth. Other systems coming with the product include Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System, electrical, fuel and air condition systems and also accurate limitations for the engines. The team has promised a “professional” 3D model with PBR texturing for the external model and will also come with realistic rotor animations.

According to the developer, a “flyable version” of the helicopter will be available to those who purchase in a “few weeks”. There’s no cemented release date, nor an expectation on what the early access element will include. There is no clarity that the product will come with anything listed for the first release, nor when they expect to reach version 1.0.

In terms of the price, Hype Performance Group is asking for $42.99. Take note that you will not get the product upon purchase and you will need to wait until it’s released. Also, right now it’s only available through their new website and won’t be on other vendors until it reaches version 1.0. You can also find out a bit more in the developer’s FAQ on the Flight Simulator forums.

Whilst we are aware that the H135 is a solid enough experience as a freeware product (and one of the first of its kind in the sim), there’s some doubt over whether $42.99 will represent value for money. According to fellow flight sim media outlet, Sergio at, he says if their H135 is any indication of the quality of their work, I am sorry to say, it’s not worth that amount of money.” This comes from someone very experienced in helicopter flying and knows a good chopper from a bad one. Without having any hands-on experience, it’s impossible to tell, but there should certainly some exposure to the fact you are paying before you can even try it yourself. The other concern I have is that so far the only previews we are seeing are a handful of renders; certainly not something that looks ready to be released in just a few weeks.

Let us know what you think in the comments. What do you make of this approach? Is it something we should be seeing in the community?


  • 3 model variants available (Civilian, Luxury, Military) with the possibility for more based off user demand
  • Airbus Helionix avionics and an upgraded EFB with support for Navigraph charts
  • Avionics will be reworked to deliver graphics with higher fidelity, performance and depth when compared to the Airbus H135
  • Compatibility with the optional pms50 GTN750
  • Professional 3D modeling, PBR texturing & stunning liveries
  • Realistic rotor animations including blade droop
  • Realistic turbine, rotor, cabin and environmental sounds designed to provide pilots with the most immersive experience available
  • 4 axis autopilot including GPS TRK/FPA, V.APP, GS/APPR and auto-collective (similar to auto throttle)
  • Ability to create custom precision GPS vertical approaches to your favorite helipads
  • Trend indication for exceedances (TOT, TRQ)
  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)
  • Detailed systems such as detailed systems MBG, fuel monitoring, electrical and air conditioning
  • Accurate limitations for engine N1/TRQ/TOT when all engines operative or one engine inoperative
  • Increased range, speed, power and high altitude performance
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