Huge Preview on Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth

Over on the Orbx forums, Jarrad has put together a hugely impressive preview on the upcoming photoreal scenery project from the team. This new technology, now being called ‘TrueEarth’ is the next step forward for…

Posted: 25-Mar-2018 @ 19:32z
Huge Preview on Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth

Over on the Orbx forums, Jarrad has put together a hugely impressive preview on the upcoming photoreal scenery project from the team. This new technology, now being called ‘TrueEarth’ is the next step forward for Orbx and how they want to make the world in our sims a much more realistic place. The preview thread itself is impressive and littered with information, screenshots and really cool sliders to show you what photoscenery looks like before the autogen, objects and points of interest are then placed and what it looks like after. Whilst we know this technology is coming to P3D, X-Plane and Aerofly FS2, this preview thread currently focuses on the P3D version.

The first thing Orbx are keen to let you know is that this is more than just your typical photoreal product. It comes with a complete building and vegetation placement across the region, including thousands of hand placed landmarks. Furthermore, it will also feature 5 distinct seasons and night lighting. It will also use the CityScene technology found in Gold Coast to create accurate representations of buildings.

You may have also noticed that the naming of the product has now been changed to “EU Netherlands TrueEarth“. The ‘TrueEarth’ tag is what will be used when this technology has been implemented. This will include GIS technology, advanced night lighting from ORBX Global Base and openLC, propitiatory autogen techniques previously seen at Innsbruck, Berlin (GEN) and Munich (GES). It’s combining the best of the best from Orbx into a complete package. Whilst this may be the future, it is important to note that land-class based regions will continue to be developed as well as the TrueEarth ones.

TrueEarth regions will retail for AUD$54.95 (~USD$42 / £30 / €34 ), which is the same as other regions currently. We’re awaiting to see what beta testers say regarding performance, but we’re hoping it is flexible for users with a range of machines.

Below are a huge number of previews, a feature list and some more of the cool sliders that highlight some of the product details you can expect.

Eugene Krikunov, Holger Sandmann, Chris Clack, Neil Hill, Richard Bui, Frank Schnibben, Sylvain Delepierre and Allen Kriesman are all part of the team developing this so be sure to head over to the Orbx forums to show your support and ask any questions you may have.

  • The entirety of Netherlands depicted in complete detail!
  • 85,000km2 of photoreal terrain at 1m resolution (nb the same resolution as traditional landclass textures)
  • Complete seasonal variation: 5 hand-coloured seasons!
  • Full 3D night lighting and night ground textures
  • 43 updated airports, including 18 not found in the default scenery.
  • CityScene building technology for all major cities, towns, villages and urban areas. CityScene tech improves on traditional autogen by adding unusual footprints, higher detail (roof details etc) and better long-range visibility
  • Incredibly dense autogen vegetation. Far superior to automated OSM technology, our agn is compiled from multiple data sets, and hand-edited to ensure maximum fidelity, accuracy and density.
  • Beautifully edited terrain textures – colourised, edited, cleaned up. Blemishes such as cloud cover, water sun glare, seamlines, discolouration and some vehicle footprints have been removed. Colour palettes have been edited to match ORBX Global texture sets.
  • Custom-painted rural variations, including tulip fields during spring
  • Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution. Netherlands may be flat, but incredible details such as tailings dumps, sand dunes and even highway overpass ramps are visible
  • Accurate road, waterway, bridges, transmission line and other vector/GIS components. Road AI traffic also included to regular Region standards
  • Beautiful custom building textures for all autogen buildings
  • Hundreds of custom landmarks and POI
  • Traditional Dutch windmills
  • Major churches and cathederals custom modelled
  • Custom models for all major TV and radio masts
  • Many major bridges custom designed
  • Custom ship models unique to Netherlands
  • Thousands of hand-placed wind turbines, refineries, harbours and other library objects
  • Hand-edited and colourised water textures, including complete watermasking
  • Fully compatible with neighboring regions (GES, GEN), ORBX Global and OpenLC Europe
  • Netherlands will launch for AUD$54.95 (~USD$42 / £30 / €34 )

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