HST Simulations’ xAmbience Pro Releasing Next Week

The long-awaited X-Plane product will be released in just over a weeks time.

30 Nov 2021 16:52z

Developer HST Simulations has confirmed that the long-awaited, and often delayed, xAmbience Pro for X-Plane 11 will be releasing next week. It’s not the first time that the developer has given a release indication, but this time, they seem adamant that Friday, 10th December 2021 will be the day that the community can buy xAmibence Pro from

In a lengthy post on the developer’s website, HST Simulations said that “quality is paramount” when talking about why the product has been delayed so many times prior. HST Simulations continued, “We wanted to do this even earlier, but for technical reasons we are putting it on that date. Quality is paramount. Sorry for the inconvenience and for such a long delay, which was too much for the entire development cycle of this application.”

In terms of the features available with xAmbience, HST said that many of the elements designed for xAmbience Pro have been built from the ground-up in order to meet the high quality standards they want to deliver on. Expect to see a new dynamic sky rendering system, seasons implementation, volumetric clouds and numerous aerosol presets that can be changed through the new UI. To help demonstrate their point further, a short teaser trailer was shown. A full video will be shared later this week that will cover all areas of the product. It was noted that there will be a temporary removal of one feature when version 1.00 releases, namely the ability to have snow build up on the aircraft.

Whilst a release date has been mentioned before by HST Simulations, the team seem more confident on the December 10th goal as the legacy version of xAmbience is being removed from sale. It’s worth noting that customers who own the current version of the product can upgrade to xAmbience Pro will get a “free upgrade at the day of release.”

As we wait for December 10th to come around, HST Simulations has released some documentation, which will be continuously updated as the product developers. You can view the online documentation here.

What about X-Plane 12?

Concluding their blog post, HST Simulations talks about what the future holds, especially with the upcoming release of X-Plane 12. Whilst xAmbience Pro will be only compatible with X-Plane 11, the team hopes to continue to make the xAmbience line of products compatible with the next generation sim in the future. No exact details were shared at this time.

Win a Copy

If you missed it, we’re giving away some prizes next week to lucky members of the community. Check out this post to find out how you could win a copy of xAmbience Pro for X-Plane 11 upon release.

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