Honeycomb Aeronautical Reveals New Controls, Xbox Support and More

Honeycomb Aeronautical has revealed a series of new control options coming soon for flight simulation…

Posted: 21-Oct-2020 @ 16:07z
Honeycomb Aeronautical Reveals New Controls, Xbox Support and More

Honeycomb Aeronautical has revealed a series of new control options coming soon for flight simulation users across both PC and also for Xbox Series X|S. As reported by, the new controls will build on the already released Alpha controls and also the upcoming Bravo and Charlie controls. Here’s the first detailed look at what to expect from the upcoming controls from Honeycomb Aeronautical.

Tango Foxtrot Flight Stick and Throttle

The first product to be showcased is the Tango Foxtrot Flight Stick and Throttle. This dual controller will feature programmable buttons, toggles, switches and rotary switches for maximum customisation for customers. The stick and throttle sections will be completely detachable and can be swapped depending on which dominant hand you have. The throttle unit features twin throttle levers with thrust reverser and can be configured for both GA and commercial airliners depending on which aircraft you are flying.

The throttle features a TOGA switch, A/T disconnect buttons, speedbrakes and flap levers which also include the “pull to unlock” function found in certain aircraft. Furthermore, the throttle features rudder trim, autobrake, parking brake and also a fire suppression system for both the APU and engines. The planned release date for the Tango Foxtrot controller will be in the second or third quarter of 2021 and will retail for $249.99. It will be compatible with box PC and Xbox Series X|S..

Foxtrot Flight Stick

If you’re looking for just the joystick portion of the Foxtrot Tango,  the Foxtrot Flight Stick is also to be sold separately in the same launch period as mentioned above. It will be sold in a righthanded configuration, but a lefthanded add-on will be sold separately for those who require it. The Foxtrot Flight Stick features everything from the dual combination package. The Flight Stick will be also available for PC and Xbox and will retail for $99.99, whilst the left-handed add-on will retail for $29.99.

Charlie Rudder Pedals

The Charlie Rudder Pedals continue to be developed and are due for a release at some point in the new year for $249.99. The pedals feature a horizontal pedal movement similar to commercial pedals and driven by a heavy-duty belt to replicate the pulley system found in GA planes. The pedals are made out of aluminium and slide on steel rails whilst the toe brakes are equipped with load cells to provide an authentic brake force. Honeycomb Aeronautical will support multiple-sized carpet spikes and inserts for optional weight to prevent slippage. The optional weight units will retail for $39.99.

Xbox Hub for Bravo and Charlie Controls

If you’re looking to hook either the Bravo or Charlie controls up to the Xbox Series X|S, then you will need to link up your controls to either the new Foxtrot Flight Stick or through the Xbox Hub. The Xbox Hub will retail for $29.99 and from what we understand, won’t be needed for the newer controllers. Another way to hook up the Bravo or Charlie will be using the updated Alpha Controls.

Updated Alpha Flight Controls

It is also confirmed that Honeycomb Aeronautical will release a new updated version of the Alpha Flight Controls in the second quarter of 2021. The new version will add Xbox Series X|S support. The support means you can simply plug the controls into the console and it will be instantly recognised, along with having Xbox buttons. The old Alpha Flight Controls will be discontinued at that time, but the new version will retail for the same price at $249.99. No other functionality or improvements were mentioned for the new version of the Alpha Flight Controls.

Bravo Flight Controls

The Bravo Flight Controls are starting to be prepared to be shipped out to customers who pre-ordered the product. As for reviews and first impressions, expect those very soon from FSElite.

Honeycomb Aeronautical Reveals New Controls, Xbox Support and More

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