HiFi Technologies Releases ActiveSky P3D

After a long open-beta testing phase, HiFi Technologies has confirmed the release build of ActiveSky P3D is now available to buy and download. The release is split into two products: the standard build and the…

Posted: 02-Dec-2020 @ 13:00z
HiFi Technologies Releases ActiveSky P3D

After a long open-beta testing phase, HiFi Technologies has confirmed the release build of ActiveSky P3D is now available to buy and download. The release is split into two products: the standard build and the upgrade build. Whilst both products are the same, the one you should buy will depend on your situation. The new release builds upon the technologies built by the team over the years and includes many new features and functionality for the weather engine.

ActiveSky P3D has seen an overhaul of many of the back-end systems with the key feature being integration with the Enhanced Atmospheric effects with Prepar3D v5.1. The system has been designed to improve synthesis, depiction, interpolation and smooth to ensure that the weather injects as seamlessly into the simulator as possible. Furthermore, the new product sees a new networking design meaning there is no need to use SimConnect in networked environments, and XGauge has been completely redesigned.

The product goes further to ensure that weather injection is more seamless than ever with wind smooth redesigned for a more organic feel. Improvements have been made for the volumetric clouds, visibility smoothing and more.

HiFi Technologies ActiveSky P3D works for both Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5 and is available for new customers and for customers who own previous HiFi Technologies products from the past.

If you own Active Sky 2016 for FSX (AS16FSX), Active Sky 2016 for P3D (AS16P3Dv3) and Active Sky for Prepar3Dv4 (ASP4), then you can upgrade for €24.99 through simMarket.

If you have never owned a previous Active Sky product (or one not listed above), then you can buy the standard version for €39.99 through simMarket. All prices exclude any taxes.

It’s worth noting that if you took part during the open-beta phase of testing ActiveSky P3D, then you will not need to pay the upgrade fee and can simply download the release build through HiFi’s website.


  • New Prepar3D v5 integration with all the standard functionality you’d expect from the ActiveSky weather engine
  • Works with both P3Dv5 and P3Dv4 (includes P3Dv5.1 HF1+ support)
  • Works in both standard mode and new “Enhanced Atmospherics” mode with P3Dv5 – See below for EA limitations
  • New P3D add-on specification design with all items installed outside of the P3D folders
  • New Universal XGauge design that works for all aircraft at any time without requiring panel additions
  • New networking design that eliminates the need for SimConnect configuration or use between clients and server – Just install ASP3D on the client, the included AS P3D Connector Installer on the server, make sure your networked shares are configured, and go
  • New EA-mode 5.1+HF1 integration with new interpolation, depiction, synthesis and parameter control for a more accurate experience
  • New EA-mode volumetric cloud configuration control for better EA cloud visuals
  • New EA-mode grid reduction adjustments including altered synthesis/logic to prevent or eliminate grid effect potential
    New EA-mode apparent visibility increase for more expected visibility depiction
  • New EA-Mode cloud scene smoothing via EA smooth theme reloads
  • New EA-Mode visibility and volumetric fog smoothing
  • Includes ASCA integration for cloud and sky graphics enhancements with dynamic cloud and sky texture variation, now working fully outside the P3D folder using the new add-on specification design – ASCA works in default depiction mode and does not work with the Enhanced Atmospherics mode in P3Dv5
  • Major enhancements to the data network, weather synthesis, interpolation, and other core weather simulation and depiction technologies – now with much increased performance, stability and availability
  • Includes the most advanced version of our award-winning core weather engine and weather data services, being refined now for over 20 years
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