Help Flightbeam Choose their Next Airport

Take a short survey to help Flightbeam know what airport you want to see next.

01 Dec 2021 10:27z

Flightbeam Studios is looking at the community to help decide what products they should start working on next. Following a stint of releases with the likes of Auckland (for both MSFS and P3D) and supporting developers like Jetstream Designs with Toulouse Airport, Flightbeam is looking to see what the community wants to see next.

A short survey has been shared on their website asking the community which Continent Flightbeam should focus on next. Furthermore, Flightbeam is looking to learn about what platforms you wish to see future products on, along with what your future purchases from them may include.

It’s a really short survey and could prove useful to help the Flightbeam team decide where to develop their next airport.

On the subject of Flightbeam, it’s worth mentioning that all of their products are still on sale via their store. The discount amount varies, but every single product in their store is cheaper than normal. After you have done the survey, go and check it out.

Finally, speaking of surveys, have you taken the FlightSim Community 2021 survey yet? If not, this is your chance to have your say on the future of flight simulation.

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