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Headwind Airbus A330-900neo Updated

The freeware A330-900neo from Headwind has received a significant update.

Headwind Airbus A330-900neo Updated

The freeware Headwind Airbus A330-900neo for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be updated to include new features and improvements. The latest update, version 0.100 (and the subsequent v0.101 hotfix) has added all-new external modelling, improved system functionality and new liveries.

The new update brings with it new wing and engine modelling. These new details are closer to the real aircraft’s appearance. Furthermore, there are improvements to the tires, stabilisers and fuselage mesh. There are also new liveries added, including Condor’s new striped livery.

Perhaps one of the most interesting new features with the new update is the inclusion of native wing flex. The Airbus A330-900neo’s wings certainly flex a lot and the new modelling will flex the wings in line with engine torque and other elements.

Inside, you will find changes have been made to the cockpit textures and shadow render. The flight model itself has also seen some changes that overall improve the plane’s handling. This update also adds Flybywire 0.7.4 integration.

You can download the free standalone aircraft from FlightSim.to right now. Once done, you can add the Headwind Airbus A330-900neo to your copy of the sim.

Version 0.100 Changelog

# External model

  • New wings
  • New engines
  • New wingflex and engine torque (first freeware with this native wingflex)
  • New tires
  • New stabilisers
  • Improved main gear cinematic
  • Cleaner and smoother fuselage mesh
  • New version without sat dome
  • New sat dome
  • Sharklets decals
  • Engine decals
  • Fixing colors for the Airbus livery
  • Adding white livery
  • Adding 3 Condor liveries
  • Optimised lods

# Internal model

  • Fixing stick button
  • Multiples changements on the cockpit to render more close to the A330 cockpit
  • Optimised lods
  • Fixing the duplicate cockpits
  • Fixing the cockpit texture normal and roughness
  • Fixing the aircraft shadow render

# Systems

  • FBW 0.7.4 Integration
  • Flight model evolution

# Know issues

  • Some system values are based on the A320
  • Incorrect fuel consumption
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