Headwind A330NEO Updated to v0.4.0 for MSFS

The freeware A330NEO has been updated with the latest systems.

Posted: 16-May-2023 @ 15:47z
Updated: 19-May-2023 @ 22:05z
Headwind A330NEO Updated to v0.4.0 for MSFS

The freeware Airbus A330NEO by Headwind Simulations has been updated to version 0.4.0. The new version represents a range of improvements and changes from the last update which was released back in February 2023.

This update includes the stable version of the FlyByWire System version 0.10.0, along with reworking some textures and fixing some bugs. Headwind Simulations say this is the biggest update so far for the aircraft, with many enhancements adding more realism to the wide-bodied aircraft.

The full change log is down below, but standout changes are an updated sound pack, a new first-officer EFB, and various improvements to the MCDU.

Another exciting addition to this update is the inclusion of the ACJ330-900neo as a second aircraft. It hasn’t been purchased in real-life, but Airbus offers it to customers looking for their own luxury state-of-the-art private jet. The team said, “the ACJ330-900neo is highly experimental, but is based on planned specifications and data. It features a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of 251 tons and a passenger capacity of 90, with a configuration specifically designed to emulate the type of aircraft that would be used by governments.”

Headwind are looking to the community to provide any feedback to help improve the freeware product continue to improve and become a solid airliner experience for flight simulator users.

Headwind A330neo 0.4.0 Changelog

  • feat(model): Add ACJ330-900neo – Livery Done by @aaMasih – Airframe SimBrief: https://dispatch.simbrief.com/airframes/share/352855_1683118270051
  • feat(model): Add Headwind Simulations Livery – Done by @Kikiwi
  • feat(model): Add First-Officer EFB flyPad
  • feat(model): Add glass and reflections to screens
  • feat(model): Change MCP to white text (instead of orange, based on some rare a330neo configuration like N402DX)
  • feat(model): Remove nosat model, add satcom feature via efb
  • reworked(texture): Removed our liveries and added them as a livery package via installer
  • fix(model): Fix Pilot avatars not showing correctly
  • fix(model): increase brightness and reduce reflection of efb
  • fix(model): Landing Gear / Bay Animations fixed (third party should recognize the state of the Landing Gear now too)
  • rework(light): Update lights and effects, relocate pedestal integrated light to correct potentiometer position
  • update(sound): Changed Engine Sound to A330NEO (RR Trent)
  • update(fac): Update to fit A330 values
  • feat(mcdu): init page add pax number
  • rework(mcdu): Add A330 Systems – ACARS / SATCOM / CMS / ACMS / FM1
  • rework(mdcu): rework fuel pred calculations
  • fix(mcdu): ident page correct aircraft and engine type
  • fix(mcdu): fix negative efob on flight plan page
  • fix(mcdu): EFOB and FUEL PRED get dashed out at decent
  • rework(ecam): Add GWCG to perma data, missing wheels, missing spoiler
  • fix(ecam): change label of cargo bulk door
  • rework(engine): change labels, engine config for n3
  • rework(fws): adjust vfe speeds, altn/dct law, all engines failure speeds
  • fix(navigation): fix wrong radio altimeter position
  • rework(speed): rework speed calc now based on a339 values
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