Re-Watch Now: Year-End Cross-Community Panel Discussion

Tune in now and watch a number of industry experts weigh in on add-on development for flight simulation in this live cross-community panel.

18 Dec 2021 19:45z

Update: The panel is now over, but you can watch it back now.

Live right now is the Year-End Cross-Community Panel. Put together by Flight Simulation Association, this end of year panel series will see a number of developers and community members discuss flight simulation add-on development. You can watch the event above right now. Or you can watch it on YouTube.

Flightbeam Studios, FlightFX, Laminar Research, NZA Simulations and Orbx will be representing the development community, whilst Blu Games will be on the panel to put across a consumer perspective. FSElite will also be present handling hosting duties to ensure the conversation flows and questions submitted by the community are put to the panel.

2022 promises some highly-anticipated product releases, including X-Plane 12, several new airliners for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and some exciting new scenery projects across desktop flight simulation. As the year draws to a close, everyone is invited to join developers and content creators for a special live event discussion flight simulation add-on development. The 90-minute live stream will focus on how add-ons are created, distributed, and enjoyed by our community.

The panel will answer questions like: 

  • Submitted by FSElite: “What are your thoughts on ‘overlapping development’ – is having more than one developer working on an airport a good thing?”
  • Submitted by Chewwy94: “We’re expecting a few big releases in 2022 – what are your predictions and plans going into the new year?”
  • Submitted by FlightFX: “What does it take to be a successful flight simulation developer?” 

Everyone is welcome to participate. We encourage pilots and flight simmers to watch the stream live on December 18 at 2000 GMT via Flight Simulation Association, on YouTube, or with any of the participating content creators. If you are a flight simulation developer or a content creator, please reach out to FSA for information on getting involved.

Win great prizes. Everyone participating live will have the chance to win prizes! The list includes products from Aerobask, Aerosoft, Canada4XPlane, Captain Bob Flight Simulation, SimWorksStudios, and TFDi Design! There will be multiple prize draws conducted live during the stream. 

Watch with your favorite content creators. We’ve invited content creators from across the community to host “watch parties” on their channels. You’ll be able to catch the livestream on multiple Twitch and YouTube channels, including with Chewwy94, Moosestaffa, and the Stormbirds YouTube Channel. Several developers will also be hosting a “simulcast” on their social channels.

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