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Got Friends Releases Discus-2c Premium for MSFS

Go grab a glider as Got Friends releases their next product.

Got Friends Releases Discus-2c Premium for MSFS

Whilst gliders are not officially part of Microsoft Flight Simulator, that hasn’t stopped third parties from stepping up to create their very own renditions for the sim. The now well-established team at GotFriends are back with a new premium product for their much-loved Discus-2c.

This glider is a single-seat, high-performance sailplane by Schempp-Hirth that combines state-of-the-art wing design and modern technology to provide pilots with a highly aerodynamic aircraft. The 18-metre version of the Discus-2c can reach a top speed of 174mph, allowing pilots to glide far and high effortlessly.

The new Discus-2c from GotFriends builds on the original freeware release by adding new features, custom motor controls and a new flight model that makes flying the glider as realistic as possible in the simulator. The new premium package includes the Discus-2c (original) variant and the Discus-2c (FES) motor variant, along with custom navigation and GPS displays. There is also a built-in winch launch and winch launch system as well as a built-in towplane that can be used either in multiplayer or with AI aircraft.

As with other Got Friends products, the Discus-2c comes with high-quality texture sets, detailed modelling and also plenty of system depth to keep you on your toes as you fly the glider. For those new to gliders, the in-sim checklist and tooltips will help teach you the plane. Finally, there is also a Got Friends Glider Club Airfield included which will act as the perfect take-off location for your new glider.

The Got Friends Discus-2c Premium for Microsoft Flight Simulator can be picked up right now from FlightSim.to for around $15.00. It will also be coming to the in-sim Marketplace for both PC and Xbox very soon. For those wanting to try out the glider beforehand, you can pick up a ‘try before you buy’ freeware version from FlightSim.to to whet your appetite.


  • Discus-2c (Original) Variant
  • Discus-2c (FES) Motor Variant
  • Custom LX-Navigation and GPS-Navigation Display
  • Built-In Winch Launch and Launch Vehicle System
  • Built-In Towplane Connectivity to Multiplayer or AI Aircraft
  • 4 Included Thermal Activated Weather Presets
  • 4 Base + 6 Premium Liveries
  • Custom FES Motor Control Unit with Realistic Thermal Dynamics
  • Realistic Flight Model and Polar Curve
  • Custom V8 Variometer with Customization, Sounds, Netto/Total Modes, and MacCready Adjustment
  • 8k/4k Texture Sets with High Quality 3D Modeling
  • Cockpit Customization “On-The-Fly” including Canopy Tints
  • Ballast Dump Management System
  • Ballast Dump Effects, Vortices Effects, and Landing Effects
  • In-Game Checklists and Tooltips
  • Interactive Oxygen Tank System
  • Custom High Quality Sounds
  • Included Wing Wheels and Optional Navigation Lights
  • Yawstring with Custom Animations
  • Included Got Friends Glider Club Airfield
  • Full Kinetic Assistant Compatibility
  • Full XCSoar Compatibility
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