Got Friends Releases Astro ONE

Experience a new way of flying with Got Friends Astro ONE.

Posted: 20-Apr-2023 @ 09:22z

Got Friends has released their Astro ONE, a EVTOL aircraft based on the real life Jetson One. The unique aircraft does not feature wings and instead uses 4 rotors, much like a drone. However, unlike a drone, the Astro ONE is actually a manned vehicle. Astro ONE is available for MSFS for PC and Xbox.

The aircraft comes with a fully custom, experimental flight model. The flight model includes several different flight modes: the hover mode will allow you to settle down and take in the landscape, or prepare for landing. The terrain tracking mode will ensure there’s always enough distance between you and the ground and let you focus on some more essential controls while taking away some others. And the sports mode, together with the boost overdrive, will give you a slight edge over your competition to complete race courses or allow you to perform stunts and manoeuvres.

The Astro ONE also features high quality modelling and textures, and a number of effects: icing, RGB rotor lighting, RGB inlaid livery lighting, blade tip lighting and more. You can also customise the aircraft to your liking with side mirrors, a plexiglass seat bucket, propellor guards and the RGB is optional too.

Not only does the package by Got Friends include the aircraft, it also includes a custom race track developed by Emerald Scenery Design. Located in the Utah desert, the race track is best enjoyed at night where a series of Neon lights will light up a track for you (and your friends) to see how fast you can complete the course.

Got Friends’ Astro ONE is available from their website, as well as the MSFS Marketplace, for $9.99 USD. This is a sales price that will be available until 27.05, after which the price will be $12.99 USD.


  • Fully custom experimental EVTOL flight model simulation written for MSFS
  • Compatible with Xbox Series S/X and PC
  • Automated system checks and boot sequences
  • Custom WWISE Soundpack with recorded motor & propeller audio
  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • 4K High Quality Textures
  • 24 Included Liveries
  • Visual Effects: Icing, RGB Rotor Lighting, Safety Lighting, Blade Tip Lighting, and RGB inlaid
  • Livery Lighting
  • Optional Propeller Guard Body Kit
  • Optional Transparent Plexiglass Seat Bucket
  • System Persistence (Flight-To-Flight):
    • Battery Percentages
    • Removable Side Mirror visibility
    • Optional Propeller Guard Body Kit
    • Optional Plexiglass Seat Bucket
    • Optional Safety and RGB Lighting
    • Options System Sounds and LIDAR Warning Sounds
  • Custom flight display with multiple flight modes
  • Earbuds simulation for in-sim noise reduction
  • Custom Lighting Effects with Accurate Electrical System Simulation
  • Xbox Controller Support with suggested controller bindings
  • Astro Corsa Racing Scenery created by Emerald Scenery Design
  • Astro Corsa Racing Scenery Assets for further Community Development
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