Got Friends Releases 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack Freeware

Developer Got Friends adds even more content to MSFS’ 40th Anniversary Edition.

Posted: 19-Nov-2022 @ 14:52z
Got Friends Releases 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack Freeware

Microsoft Flight Simulator recently celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary with the release of the highly anticipated 40th Anniversary Edition, adding helicopters and gliders among a wide range of other features. The update also added a number of other aircraft, and in an effort to add even more features to the 40th Anniversary Edition, developer Got Friends has released the 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack.

The 40th Anniversary: Expansion Pack, which is available for free from, adds a number of new features to the newly added planes. It also updates the flight model and characteristics of some of the planes in a pursuit to make them more realistic and immersive. At current, the expansion pack includes new variants for the DHC-2 Beaver and Douglas DC-3, such as a DHC-2 Bush Wheel variant or a DC-3 Amphibious Variant with floats. Several animations and effects have been added or been made available otherwise, and the DC-3 has also received a custom flight model with different weight and drag limits, as well as additional fuel tanks.

Got Friends is working on adding even more features to the expansion pack in the future, and the page currently lists that a JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) variant for the Douglas DC-3 is under development. The developer is also looking for feedback from the community for more features to add.


Chapter #1: Expansion Features

  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added 35″ Bush Wheel Variant (Includes All Liveries)
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Water Spray Effect to Amphibious Variant
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Hide/Unhide Option to Tablet
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Start-Up Combustion Smoke Effect to All Variants

Chapter #2: Expansion Features

  • Global: Added “40th Anniversary” Effects Dependecies as Stand-Alone Effects
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Ski Winter Kit to Standard Wheel Variant (Option on Tablet)
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added New Custom Snow Physics when Skis are Attached
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added New Bush Tail Wheel to 35″ Bush Variant
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Added Low Fly-By Dirt Effect
  • Douglas DC-3: Added New Amphibious Float Variant (Includes 2 Liveries)
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Custom Flight Model, Weight Limits, Drag Limits, and Additional Float / Fuel Tanks
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Water Spray Effect to Amphibious Variant
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Start-Up Combustion Smoke Effect to All Variants
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Wheel Landing Effects to All Surface Types on All Variants
  • Douglas DC-3: Added Water Rudder Switch (Replaces External Power Switch on Amphibious Variant)
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