Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special v2 Released for MSFS

A huge update for the original Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special is available now.

Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special v2 Released for MSFS

The original Gee Bee R3 Special was what originally kicked off the store on but the team are back again with a fresh new update that upgrades the original massively. Developers Got Friends has picked up a bunch of new development techniques since the original release and decided to go back over the original Gee Bee R3 Special to improve almost every aspect of the aerobatic aircraft.

Some of the biggest changes with the new version include a brand new 3D model which now performs even better and is fully VR compatible. Alongside the new 3D modelling, the flight model has been created again from scratch providing an even better flying experience. If you are not familiar with the aircraft type can get to grips with the Gee Bee R3 Special with the newly added in-game checklists.

Those that like the visual aspect of these planes can take pleasure in seeing the new NOS flame effects. These are also accompanied by all-new sound effects.

The new update also sees circuit breaker functionality added to the plane, new liveries and a whole host of bug-fixing to really make this the definitive version of the Gee Bee R3 Special.

The Got Friends Gee Bee R3 Special v2 is a free update for all current customers. Those who have yet to buy can do so from at the discounted price of around $9.99 USD. In a few days’ time, the price will go back to the original $15.00 USD. It’s also available to buy through SIMMARKET. Eventually, the team said, the Gee Bee R3 Special will be available on the in-sim Marketplace.

Watch the official trailer here.

New for Version 2 of the Gee Bee R3 Special

  • New 3D Model with Proper Scale.
  • Fully VR Compatible.
  • Cleaned up 3D Model for Better FPS.
  • Completely New Flight Model.
  • New Custom 1000HP Engine.
  • Max Speed + Boost Over 260 kts.
  • Increased NOS Capacity to 10 Minutes.
  • High Quality Texture Additions (4K).
  • Added Ingame Checklist.
  • Added G-Meter Lightbar.
  • Moved NOS Gauge.
  • Increased NOS Power.
  • Added NOS Flame Effect.
  • Added NOS Sound Effects.
  • Added Low Flyby Effects.
  • Added Combustion Effects.
  • Added New Red Panel Light (Fixed Leakage).
  • Added Circuit Breaker Functionality.
  • Fully Native Coding.
  • Changed Light Colors.
  • Added Super Marine Livery.
  • Added Nightime Gauge Emmisives.
  • Fixed Tire Animations.
  • Boost Hotkey on “Emergency Power”.
  • Clickable Throttle.
  • Fine Tuned Engine Start-Up.
  • New Sounds in Interior.
  • Re-Written Electrical Systems.
  • New Camera Views.
  • New Thumbnails.
  • Disabled Master Alarm (Vibration Issue) for Xbox.
  • Add NOS Compatibility for Xbox.
  • Panel Collision for VR Zoom.
  • Added Propeller Braking.
  • Added Blank Dashboard Photo to Default 3D Model so Livery Artists can customize it and add one of their own.
  • Added Jennifer Connolly Photo to Rocketeer #4 and #5 Liveries.
  • Removed GTN750 for Compatibility Issues.
  • GTN 750 Replacement Package is available on
  • GTN 750 WTT Replacement Package is available on
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