Gaya Simulations Updates Vienna for P3D/MSFS

01 Jul 2021 08:31z

Gaya Simulations has updated their Vienna(VIE/LOWW) scenery for both Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator to version 1.2.

Vienna’s International Airport is the largest in the country and one of the busiest hubs in Central Europe and serves both Vienna and Bratislava, with Vienna Airport offering much better connectivity to the rest of Europe than Bratislava’s own airport. As such, in addition to being the headquarters of Austrian Airlines, Vienna is also a hub for Ryanair and Wizz Air, and the airport offers flights to several continents including Asia, North America, and Africa.

Changes included with Gaya Simulation’s Vienna update enhance both the terminal buildings, which have been brought up to date with additions like the interior of the North Pier and new buildings added to reflect the current rendition of the airport today. The jetbridges have been updated to include moving wheels while in operation, and the control tower now has new textures for both day and night along with numerous bug and ground texture fixes. P3D users may optionally remove static aircraft from the scenery, however, limitations with the MSFS prevent the removal of static aircraft on that platform at this time.

The update may be downloaded from the MSFS Marketplace, Orbx Central, simMarket and the Aerosoft Store directly. The newly updated airport is available for purchase from Orbx Central for $30.78 AUD. An update for the X-Plane version will come at a later date.


  • Added new buildings making the airport exactly as it’s today.
  • Add specular reflections for ground textures.
  • Added custom orange and blue taxi-lines in the appropriate places.
  • Added interior for the North Pier.
  • Jetways wheels now turn when operated.
  • VGDS now shows correctly when the sim is loading.
  • The control tower now has new textures for day and night.
  • Fixed a number of miscellaneous bugs based on user feedback.

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