Gaya Simulations Announces Gaya GSE

Gaya GSE for Microsoft Flight Simulator will enhance a number of airports for free with authentic ground equipment.

28 Dec 2021 09:00z

Gaya Simulations has announced that all Gaya airports will receive a free update that will add the all-new Gaya GSE. Gaya GSE is short for Gaya Ground Support Equipment and will add functional GSE for all airports developed by Gaya Simulations.

The teaser post on Facebook said that these models are all custom and authentic to each airport developed by Gaya Simulations. Each of the objects is fully functional and it doesn’t impact any other airport.

A short trailer was shared on the Facebook page that showed the new feature in action. There are certainly GSX vibes, but it’s worth noting that only Gaya Simulations airports will be impacted by Gaya GSE.

As mentioned, Gaya GSE will be a free update for all Gaya Simulations airports on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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