Further Updates to iniBuilds A300-600R(F) On The Line

Developer iniBuilds has continued to update its new flagship product, the A300. Released in quick…

Posted: 12-Aug-2020 @ 21:27z
Further Updates to iniBuilds A300-600R(F) On The Line

Developer iniBuilds has continued to update its new flagship product, the A300. Released in quick succession of each other, Version 1.02 and 1.03 both bring a number of systems, sound and graphical fixes to the aircraft.

V 1.03, currently the latest version of the A300-600R(F), requires a complete reinstall of the aircraft. This can be done via the iniBuilds Store account.

New buyers can pick up this exciting new airliner directly from the iniBuilds website for £69.99 GBP Ex. VAT.

Changelog v1.02

  • Optimization leading to potential FPS boost
  • Taxi via keyboard implemented
  • VOR autotune fixed
  • Radio spacing switchable between 8.33KHz and 25KHz now to changed 8.33khz only
  • EFB UI enhancement in settings menu
  • Corrected some FMOD SND entries
  • Added X-Plane default gear down command should first go to neutral from up position (used to go direct to down)
  • Edited .ACF file to add A306 typecode (PilotEdge, AutoGate, SAM, etc.)
  • Added fading of GE CF6 engine sounds
  • Fixed GPS MONITOR typo in FMS on REF PAGE
  • Fixed exterior fader excessively reducing engine volume
  • Fixed using the dropdown for RAAS will also register the button click for Pause at TOD.
  • Fixed when EFB Load Manager measurement set to LBS, cannot type in a fuel weight beyond 22.1k lbs.
  • Fixed no pitch bar on rollout mode
  • Modelled the setting of EPR carrots (note: system not modelled)
  • Fixed ILS CRS knob rotates clockwise regardless of incrementing or decrementing ILS CRS
  • Fixed spoiler won’t retract on landing
  • Fixed graphical glitch on annunciator test

Changelog v1.03

  • Compatibility with Advanced Shadows lua script (option added to EFB)
  • Fixed animation of the ILS and left VOR course knobs
  • Fixed landing mode functionality from VS to correct FMA reading
  • Fixed “LDG LIGHT EXTENDED” ECAM memo only showing when said light is on.
  • Fixed landing lights not extending if lights are not on
  • Fixed scaling issue on ND when selecting 240nm range.
  • Fixed in flight fuel temperature reading below fuel freezing temperature
  • Fixed “Stop Rudder Input” test buttons working without power
  • Fixed fuel used LCD displays
  • Fixed SAT indication on second ECAM display
  • Fixed mislabel under Packs 2 in the circuit breaker
  • Fixed light switches not making sound with no battery power
  • Fixed button next to cockpit door switch on overhead accidentally toggling END 2 AI
  • Fixed cargo loader missing support from front platform
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