Further Fenix Simulations A320 Info, Updated FAQ and First In-Sim Video

Have you digested everything yet from the initial Fenix Simulations A320 reveal earlier this week? It was a lot to take in, but the team has taken to their Discord to share even more information about the upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you didn’t read it, then simply put, this is an upcoming high-fidelity A320 simulation coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Starting with the new information and screenshots, Aamir showed just a handful of features that are already implemented with the aircraft. One example is of a look at the BUSS when ADR 1+2+3 are either off or have failed. The first image below is when things are fine, but the second one is when the ADRs are off/failed.

Aamir said that “as in the real aircraft, the Fenix will actually revert to GPS altitude as represented by the indications on the PFD – so there is inconsistency on the altitude tape. This utilises our GPS sat tracking tech outlined in the announcement post, and if coverage is low – the altitude discrepancy will be higher.” You can read a bit more about the GPS tracking stuff in our first look article.

Moving on, many questions were asked over the past few days about the terrain displaying on the ND. To answer that question, an early screenshot of this in action was shared.

Further Fenix Simulations A320 Info, Updated FAQ and First In-Sim Video

Finally, one of their team was flying on VATSIM when some traffic got a little too close for comfort during a flight. When the aircraft detected this, it initiated TCAS autopilot. You can see a screenshot of this in action below.

Further Fenix Simulations A320 Info, Updated FAQ and First In-Sim Video

Whilst the announcement post (and our follow-up article) was full of information, there were undoubtedly questions from the community about the new project. Aamir joined Chewwy94 on a live stream where he took many questions and explained in detail a lot more about the A320 Fenix Simulations are developing. It’s worth a watch to get even more detail on what to expect. You can watch the VOD on his channel here.

If watching the stream doesn’t take your fancy, then you can check out the recently updated FAQ section on the Fenix Sim Discord. I’ve summed up a few of the important points below:

  • There is no release date or price at this time.
  • The team is currently alpha testing the aircraft and are not looking for beta testers yet.
  • The A320 will be for desktop PC only. It will not be coming to the Xbox.
  • IAE engines will come in the future free of charge.
  • An EFB is planned further down the line.
  • There will be support for reversions to alternate and direct law.
  • Custom throttle and thrust configurations will be made available through the MCDU
  • There will be wing flex…

To cap it all off, a brand new video of the aircraft in action was shared. You can watch the Fenix Sim A320 perform an ILS approach. This is an early alpha version of the aircraft.

Don’t forget, we’ll also be getting an in-depth look at some of the systems in regular updates from the development team. We’ll be sharing those with you guys when we get them.

To find out more about the Fenix Simulations A320, check out our announcement post and our first look article. You will want to keep a close eye on this.

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