FSLabs Updates A320X for FSX

We’ve been commenting that FSLabs have been working hard on an update to fix some user related issues as well as continue to improve the already immersive aircraft. Today, Lefteris has released the update for…

Posted: 16-Dec-2016 @ 15:11z

We’ve been commenting that FSLabs have been working hard on an update to fix some user related issues as well as continue to improve the already immersive aircraft. Today, Lefteris has released the update for their A320-X to v for FSX. This update is massive and I’ve done my best to summarise some of the key elements below.

The Aircraft Cabin has now been made truly immersive now thanks to safety demons being played, and the ‘Cabin Ready’ memo now being variable depending on how many passengers are onboard. The same logic also applies to landing, so you need to make sure the cabin is secure before you take off or land (or your poor crew will go flying…) Other elements have also been included to help with the immersion.

With winter coming, low visibility is more common. Now with the update, when flying through fog or thick cloud, you’ll see landing light beams as well as glare from the aircraft lights reflect inside the cockpit.

Flare law, common feedback from pilots and users, has been refined based on new algorithms from Elevator and Aileron Computers. The team now hope that this is now true to life.

Something I think is pretty cool is the newly implemented ATSU, which now adds the ability to import flight plans from several sources including FSX default, Simbrief and PFPX.

Also you can now request ATIS messages from VATSIM or IVAO connections and are displayed in the MCDU! You can also request METAR reports also through a revamped AOC service. The data can be requested from AS16, ASN, VATSIM, IVAO or NOAA. Amazing!

Before I go onto the list of changes, Service Pack 1 is still going to include important information such as detailed winds and secondary flight plan and further improve ground handling. Of course, the Prepar3d version will be out beforehand (which is in final beta testing)

To download the new update, v1.0.1.184, just head over to Flight Sim Labs redownload area with the order ID, serial and email. Once you have downloaded the .zip file, extract both installers, uninstall previous v1.0.1.173 Binaries and Resources and install the new ones as per our Installation Instructions here.

Anyway here’s the full list:

Logic fixes / improvements

– Cargo heat Logic improvements

– Blower sounds now fixed

– Rudder pedal position now taken into account for AP disconnect
– Protection for nose dives in turbulence
– Aileron limit bug fix
– Aerodynamic pitch down and lift fix

– Rudder Travel Limiter limit now 25 degrees when faulty
– Logic updates for low energy and Pitch Requested.

– Alpha lock fixes

– Fix for Fuel Auto Feed Fault

– Limit values relaxed for ECAM message

– Buttons / knobs now auto-restore after click if mouse moved outside click area

– Fix for test logic on ground

– Cabin immersiveness logic overhaul
– Various bugs fixed

Display Units
– Fix for display flickering
– Pen thickness now customizable via LCDPens.ini file
– Asynchronous (threaded) operation implementation

– Flight Guidance
– Mode reversion fixes
– Fix for GA pitch rates
– updated GA Fac to 8sec
– Go around logic now independent of FD/AP
– Go around FDs autorestore based on FG conditions
– Flight Management
– User-entered wpt numbering scheme fix
– CD leg fix when DME reference from ILS DME (LOWI26 case)
– DES profile spd retained if DES computation not available
– DECEL fixes
– TCM fixes (profile spd on clb)
– Flightplanning updates
– GA also in DES phase allowed
– CD legs now OVFY by default

– Cavalry charge / triple click logic fix
– Sound logic reworked (Cavalry charge / UNVOLUNTARY AP OFF logic)
– SPEED aural added

– Marker display and aural logic added

– Fix for threads freezing sometimes

– Several FADEC logic fixes

– Logic rework for CLB/CRZ/DES modes
– Safety valve logic fix
– Skin valves outflow implementation

FSL Runways Database
– bug fix for crash in certain conditions

Virtual Cockpit
– Registration / Selcal sometimes missing bug fix
– Various part optimizations / replacements / fixes

External Model
– Fix for wing lights permanently on

– Landing lights overexposure fixed for dusk/dawn
– New (experimental) 2D landing lights logic added

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