FSLabs Updates A320-X A319-X and A321-X to V2.0.2.440

Over on the FSLabs forums, version was announced today and is now available for…

Posted: 30-Jan-2020 @ 05:59z
FSLabs Updates A320-X A319-X and A321-X to V2.0.2.440

Over on the FSLabs forums, version was announced today and is now available for all users of the FSLabs A320-X, A319-X, and A321-X. Version addresses various bugs like the STD ATSU leap year issue as well as fixes in friction logic during “hard winter” scenarios. It was also shared that FSLabs is continually working on a sharklets extension for all existing aircraft and should be made available for purchase within the coming months.

As stated, development of that project is under way but will be heavily influenced by the release schedule of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSLabs would rather not announce detailed plans until schedules have been coordinated with Microsoft. The A321-X paintkit is ready for release and should be made available within the next 24-48 hours. Below is a detailed change log for the V2.0.2.440 update.

The update is available through the FSLabs download page.

You can purchase the FSLabs A320-X for $139.95, the A319-X for $39.95, and A321-X for $59.99 from their website. Do note, you will need the A320-X base package installed to use the A319-X and/or the A321-X.

AOC (All)
Small fix for PERF logic

BSCU (All)
Fix for NWS not working while in LG gravity extension

CPDLC (A321-X)
Small logic fixes
Leap year parsing fixes

DCDU (A321-X)
Changed Brt/Dim to a rocker switch

External Model (A321-X)
Various fixes

FSL Configurator (All)
Crash prevention for incorrect settings

Fixed logic for IDLE flag logic with EAI.

Friction (All)
Brake friction logic fixed for Winter Snow
Coefficients added for Sliding/Rolling in Hard Snow

SEC (All)
Spoiler auto-retract logic improvement

Sounds (A321-X)
IAE external fan sound fix

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