FSimStudios Announce Next Airports

FSimStudios drop the mic with their announcement of Canada’s 2nd busiest airport, Vancouver International (CYVR) and London, Ontario International Airport (CYXU). Let’s start off on the west coast of Canada with Vancouver International Airport (CYVR).…

Posted: 19-Apr-2020 @ 20:15z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:25z
FSimStudios Announce Next Airports

FSimStudios drop the mic with their announcement of Canada’s 2nd busiest airport, Vancouver International (CYVR) and London, Ontario International Airport (CYXU).

Let’s start off on the west coast of Canada with Vancouver International Airport (CYVR). Without a doubt, this will be a game-changer. The reason being is the current payware Vancouver was released 8 years ago and is now heavily outdated. However, with FSimStudios announcing Vancouver, the airport will receive a major overhaul and the upgrade that it needs and deserves. Serving as a major hub for many flights coming from Asia, it connects the entire country with the rest of the world. FSimStudio’s Vancouver (CYVR) will receive the same WET-FX and SNOW-FX that both Edmonton (CYEG) and their latest airport, Kelowna (CYLW).

Developers stated that this project will be their best, and the most ambitious project they have ever done. After months of research, FSS says that attention to detail will be like non-other. With ultra HD crisp textures and using new techniques, they aim to have a good performing airport regardless of the level of detail. The scenery will also include the Pier D expansion as well as the new airside operations buildings. The surrounding area will also be modeled. From the entire area North East of the airport all the way to the Vancouver Harbour and Heliport. As well as the famous Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge which connects West Vancouver to the downtown core. With 178 square kilometers of aircraft captured seasonal orthophotos, this covers the entire city, and Sea Island, with the exception of West Vancouver. Downtown Vancouver Landmarks will also be included such as Rogers Arena, Home of the Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey team as well as the BC Lions, NFL Football team. With a resolution between 0.3 and 0.5m per pixel, this area will be incredibly detailed. FSimStudios went above and beyond and included the Vancouver Harbour and Heliport (CYHC) and the Vancouver International Water Airport. By this time you already know, that I live in Victoria (CYYJ) which is literally a 20-minute flight or less from Vancouver. So this scenery being redone so close to home makes me wonder if they plan to develop my home airport which has never had a payware rendition.

Onto their next airport. London International Airport (CYXU), not to be confused with London’s Heathrow, has been announced alongside Vancouver. For those who do not know, London airport is roughly 180 kilometers (110 miles) southwest of Toronto. Even though the airport is so close, there is still commercial airline service between Toronto Pearson and London. The airport has seen increase air travel over the past few years from a wide variety of airlines. London is also the home of the International Test Pilot School and Diamond Aircraft Company where the well-known DA-20s or -40s are built. There are also weekly cargo flights into the airport for those who fly the night trains. The airport offers a nice choice of flying as well. From simple little Cessnas, all the way up to MD-80s, or a 737. London Ontario is also home to Canada’s largest airshow. Airshow London attracts more than 20,000 attendees during a single mid-Sempter weekend. The well-known Snowbirds and CF-19 Demo team, as well as a large presence of other heavy transport and bombers military aircraft including the C-5 Galaxy and B-52s.

FSimStudios have stated that the surrounding areas of London will include 0.2-0.3m pixel resolution using aerial orthophotos. Included are both the Victoria, and University hospitals location on the Western University Campus. Highlights from the main downtown core will be modeled using custom renditions of one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities.

As for the other projects, FSimStudios have stated a few times that they are working on a completely new Calgary (CYY) and Panama (MPTO) airports. Both are being developed at the same time and will, of course, be released in do time. When this time will be, no information has been given yet.

FSimStudios have confirmed that both Vancouver (CYVR) and London (CYXU) are planned for release in the early summer of 2020 for both P3Dv4 and V5. Speaking of which, since the release of P3Dv5, developers have been hard at work testing and updating their products to work with the new simulator. Edmonton will be released for v5 later tonight. However, the dev team has ran into a problem with their primary distributor SimMarket. They have just announced that updated installers WILL NOT be free for developers anymore. This is a problem for FSimStudios and customers as well. This means upgrades of current products for current owners may no longer be free. A developer stated, “I definitely disagree with that, and we are working on alternative ways of distributing the update for FREE and securely for all customers.” This will apply to Cancun, Panama, Calgary, Quebec City, and Toronto City airport.

No price nor an exact release date has been set for Vancouver or London. However, if you wish to get the latest on the development, the FSimStudios Facebook Page is the best place. If you have yet to pick up any of the mentioned scenery products, they are available on SimMarket.

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