FSHud Receives Significant Updates to Improve in-sim ATC

The popular ATC and AI traffic tool has been updated signicantly over the past year; here’s a brief summary of the changes and what the future holds.

Posted: 01-Dec-2023 @ 19:37z
Updated: 02-Dec-2023 @ 10:35z
FSHud Receives Significant Updates to Improve in-sim ATC

FSHud was released over a year ago originally for Prepar3D, but then soon made the transition over to MSFS to provide improvements to the ATC system found in the simulator. This works by controlling the ATC, and aircraft in the vicinity and working with the player who provides input to the system.

The tool is described as being in complete control of the air traffic within the simulator – both on the ground and in the air. FSHud manages all aspects of the traffic flow and communications through each stage of the flight. Each aircraft is managed by FSHud and ensures that there will not be a conflict whilst in the sky.

The FSHud panel is how you will directly interact with the tool itself. You will receive voice commands from the application, whilst you will need to use button control to then respond or select choices presented to you by the virtual ATC. You can input your routing and the system will allow you to fly the route as required, whilst ensuring you don’t get any air traffic conflicts.

Since the release of FSHud a year and a half ago, there have been many updates to the product that enhance it even further. Vectoring during approach/departure is more accurate, whilst also incorporating SID/STAR procedures. The system has also seen improvements to the altitude clearance to ensure proper separation clearance and voices/phraseology has been improved too.

FSHud integrates with FSLTL, meaning your traffic on the ground and in the air will have the correct livery and aircraft type, making the sim even more immersive. Furthermore, it’s good to note that recent updates to FSHud means that even encrypted scenery products from the in-sim Marketplace is now compatible with FSHud.

Another useful feature you may find helpful is that FSHud can automatically limit traffic in high-density areas so that your frame rates are maintained. You can also filter out specific communications from AI aircraft if you so desire.

FSHud will continue to develop beyond where it is now. Currently, version 1.3 is in development and available as a beta test. If you’re concerned about compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. In that case, the team at FSHud has told us that the product will be developed for the new simulator, whilst incorporating more immersive features in the future.

Currently, FSHud – Air Traffic Control is the only ATC add-on that fully controls AI Traffic at all steps of flight for that aircraft. If you want to buy a copy, you can do so from Flight1 for $34.95.

We’ll keep you updated with future updates moving forward.

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