FSElite Exclusive: PhotoSimLabs Bringing Jamaica to P3D and MSFS

25 Sep 2021 19:00z

PhotoSimLabs has announced that they will be visiting Jamaica in both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D very soon. Very soon, PhotoSimLabs will release the first of two packs that represent Jamaica in an immense level of detail.

Regions: Jamaica 1 will include both Sangster International Airport (MKJS) and also Ian Fleming International Airport (MKBS). Both airports will be extremely detailed with a number of features including superb HD texturing, quality modelling and numerous other elements to bring the airports to life. Airports will also come with animated jetways, dynamic lighting and airport clutter to add to the atmosphere.

PhotoSimLabs will also add plenty of detail around each of the airports, too, including nearby towns such as Montego Bay and Boscobel. The hotels, beaches and local shops are all represented in rich detail meaning you can fly around the island and experience a realistic flight throughout.

As mentioned above, PhotoSimLabs will be releasing Regions: Jamaica 1 for both Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator in the near future. For now, enjoy these exclusive images for the product.

Keep your eyes peeled on FSElite for more in the near future.

You will find some more images through our LIVE FEED throughout the day.

Confirmed Features

  • Both airports have been hand developed from the ground up, with 4K and8K texturing, custom created tree areas for both Prepar3D, and MSFS2020.
  • Superb HD textures throughout
  • Coverage of both airports includes major landmarks on approach and short final, highly detailed and with HD textures.
  • Highly accurate and beautiful dynamic lighting throughout the entire airport area and surrounding areas.
  • Animated Jetways
  • Highly accurate 3d rendition of all building structures, including Cargo facilities, Executive jet center, parking areas.
  • Custom made 3D trees for Prepar3d (certain areas)
  • Custom created UHD ground polygon

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