FSDreamTeam Releases Charlotte Douglas Airport for MSFS

The 5th busiest airport in the US has been recreated for Microsoft Flight Simulator by FSDreamTeam.

24 Nov 2021 19:26z

Scenery developer FSDreamTeam has released Charlotte Douglas Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport product is a faithful recreation of the 5th busiest airport in the US.

Situated in North Carolina, the airport sees over 25 million passengers per year. The airport’s biggest airline is American Airlines, which takes passengers to locations across North America, the Caribbean and South America. With a large number of runways, plenty of apron space and large terminal buildings, this is a great airport for those wanting to experience a busy airport in NA.

FSDreamTeam has included a number of features including high-resolution PBR texturing on the buildings, the new CLT control tower and terminal and the most recent airport layout. Furthermore, the team has included a range of custom work such as custom jetways, taxi lighting and navaids.

You can buy FSDreamTeam’s Charlotte Douglas Airport now from simMarket for 10.49 Euro (on sale) or from the FSDreamTeam website for $15.99 USD.


  • High resolution building textures, 100% PBR.
  • The new CLT Terminal.
  • The new CLT Control Tower.
  • Custom taxi side and center lights, with Dynamic Lighting.
  • Use of the latest SDK additions from MSFS Sim Update 7.
  • Custom navaids objects with up to 9 LOD levels to improve performance.
  • Full Dynamic Lighting.
  • Custom Jetways.
  • Accurate airport layout with all parking positions and taxiway names.
  • Extensive usage LOD techniques everyhwere, in order to offer the best possible performances.

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