FS2Crew Releases FSLabs Edition V1.1 Open Beta

FS2Crew announced that work on a new update for the FSLabs Edition of their co-pilot interaction tool was nearly complete and today, they have released an open-beta for the software. The new update is significant…

Posted: 27-Jul-2019 @ 13:33z
FS2Crew Releases FSLabs Edition V1.1 Open Beta

FS2Crew announced that work on a new update for the FSLabs Edition of their co-pilot interaction tool was nearly complete and today, they have released an open-beta for the software. The new update is significant with many changes and new experimental features, hence the open-beta status.

Some of the previously mentioned new features include a re-recording of the German voice set from community member BlackBox, along with the experimental headset filter and additional callsigns. Some of the new callsigns include EASY, LAUDAMOTION, ROUGE and more. Other changes include the ability to now change your Windows language setting to ENGLISH UK, ENGLISH CA, ENGLISH AU or ENGLISH IN to be able to use voice control.

In addition to new features, there has been plenty of other neat updates tucked into this new version including new voice commands, changes to some of the flows on the ground and other user options such as TCAS settings below 10,000ft. New commands include “START THE APU PLEASE”, “CABIN SECURE” and “TAXI PROCEDURE PLEASE.”

To download the open-beta version 1.1 of the FS2Crew FSLabs Airbus Edition, you should open up the PDF document, which contains information, download links and also where to report any known issues.

New Features and Changes with Version 1.1

  1. Speech Recognizer Language setting in Windows Control Panel ‘Advanced Speech Properties’ may now be set to ENGLISH UK, ENGLISH CA, ENGLISH AU or ENGLISH IN (INDIA). Previously all users had to set their speech recognizer to ENGLISH – US, even if they were in the UK.
  2. New experimental Voice Set option ->CREW REGION: DE (HEADSET FILTER). The entire PM and PF voice set was run through a headset filter. We’ll see what people think of it. Please leave
    your comments in the FS2Crew Forum.
  3. “BlackBox’s” German PM voice set has been re-recorded. He sounds smoother and less robotic now.
  4. PM will now turn on Wing Lights prior to walkaround at night.
  5. BEFORE PUSHBACK OR START flow will now self-trigger at time remaining zero if you do not call ATC to request start clearance.
    Flying as the “PILOT MONITORING” has been greatly improved, especially in the takeoff and climb phase. IMPORTANT: Thrust Reduction and Acceleration altitudes must be entered as shown on the MCDU as Above Sea Level Values, not AGL. Just transfer the numbers directly over to FS2Crew’s Departure Page.
  6. PM will now properly set TOGA if flying as the PF and TOGA selected on the Departure Brief Page.
  7. You may now retake control if flying the Pilot Monitoring tutorial by saying “I HAVE CONTROL” in any other mode than CRUISE MODE. You will then revert to being the PILOT FLYING (PF).
  8. The PM will now wait 60 seconds after GPU power established prior to continuing his flow so the FWC has time to properly power up.
  9. Audio Test will now play through speakers and headset.
  10. PM will now properly set CSTR on his EFIS panel during the cockpit setup phase.
  11. PM’s ND range will be set 160 NM during the 10,000-foot flow in climb and 20 NM during the descent.


  • Option not to run the Alternate Brake test in the PRELIMINARY COCKPIT PREPARTION flow.
  • Option to skip the 10,000 foot climb and descent flow altogether.
  • Option to not have PM turn weather radar on during his TAXI flow.
  • Option to have PM restore Pack 2 after a Packs Off takeoff when the Flaps are retracted rather than 10 seconds after Pack 1 is restored.
  • Option to play an ambient passenger boarding sound during the Pre-Flight events.
  • Option not to have the PM perform his TAXI FLOW immediately after performing his Flight. Controls check (VOICE CONTROL ONLY). In this case, you’d need to make ask the PM to start his
    TAXI FLOW manually by speaking: “TAXI PROCEDURE PLEASE”.
  • Option to have TCAS set to ALL in the Cruise Phrase, and then back to BELOW at 10,000 feet in the descent.
  • Option not to auto-save V1, VR and V2.
  • Option for “Silent” AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST.
  • Option for ASDEX (good for on-line ATC users).
  • Option so user controls cockpit lighting.
  • Option for user to control the BRAKE FAN manually during the PARKING FLOW.


  • “AFTER START PROCEDURE” (Triggers PM to start his AFTER START flow).
  • “TAXI PROCEDURE PLEASE” (Triggers PM to start his TAXI flow.)
  • “BIRD ON” (Typically the Bird would be selected on a Selected-Selected Non-Precision Approach after being cleared for the approach).
  • “CABIN SECURE” (Crew Resource Management – Airline Specific).
  • “CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF” (Crew Resource Management).
  • “CLEARED TO LAND” (Crew Resource Management).
  • “CLEARED FOR THE APPROACH” (Crew Resource Management).
  • For the PARKING BRAKE challenge in the BEFORE START CHECKLIST, you may now also say “SET / RELEASED” instead of just “ON / OFF”.
  • For the FMGS challenges in the climb flow, you may now speak “YES” in addition to “AFFIRM”, etc.

New Callsigns

  • EASY


  • Runway Confirmations if using RAAS and the runway started with a 0.
  • CTD on exiting P3D.
  • Wiper off command.
  • Runway turn off light voice command logic improved.
  • If APU taxi option set to NO, PM will no longer turn on the APU bleed if the APU Master is not On.
  • If HARD or SOFT MUTE enabled, FA will not respond to voice commands.
  • PM will no longer call “LOC” deviations on a Non-Precision NDB approach.
  • If flying the PM tutorial, the PF will no longer repeat the altimeter setting twice when passing the Transition Level.
  • If flying as the PM, the PF will now apply nose down elevator during the takeoff roll until 100 knots.
  • Some config options auto changed unintentionally when you ran the Pre-Flight Events. This is now fixed.
  • “CRUISING FLIGHT LEVEL XXX” RVSM callout and actions fixed
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