FS Academy Updates IFR for MSFS

Develop your IFR skills with this training package. The new update adds additional features to make it even easier.

13 Dec 2021 12:30z

Developer FS Academy has updated its IFR mission pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator to version 1.5.

The new update features a number of changes and improvements over the previous version. Now, there is the addition of on-screen objects and markers, along with a new menu UI structure that conforms to the latest sim updates. Other fixes include trim issues being resolved, a new opening and ending camera system and also some cleanup of the English subtitles.

If you’re unfamiliar with FS Academy’s IFR package, it is an in-sim training mission pack. You will be mirroring a real instrument rating course within the simulator and covering a wide number of courses. In total, there are 12 missions to clear to help you on your way to becoming much more versed in IFR navigation.

FS Academy IFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator can be updated from various stores where you purchased it from before. In addition, you can save 35% if you buy the packages from the in-sim Marketplace.


  • Addition of on-screen objectives and markers
  • Dialog cleanup and addition of full English subtitles
  • New Menu UI structure
  • New mission trigger logic, made to be much more intelligent than before
  • Opening and Ending cameras
  • Trim issue fixed at mission launch
  • Many minor fixes and adjustments across the title

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