Freeware ‘The Scrapyard Monster’ Released for MSFS

This monster of a plane is free and ready to take to the skies.

Posted: 04-Jun-2023 @ 10:53z

A more of a unique plane to perhaps take out this weekend is the newly released ‘The Scrapyard Monster’ for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This fictional plane serves as a fun and different way to see the world in the simulator. Despite being a ‘bush plane’ at heart, it can perform aerobatics, fly over 200 knots and climb to reach heights of 37,000 feet.

It’s a bit of a mix of all kinds of aircraft but should provide a bit of a fun experience, especially online with a few friends. It’s powered by a Cosworth/Aston Martin V12 engine, giving you flexibility and freedom to fly all kinds of crazy routes. Inside you will find a range of parts that you would typically find at a scrapyard.

It is a bush plane, capable of slow and low flights with take off and landings from very short runways… even carriers or helipads if you want! But it can also perform aerobatics and fly above 200 knots, climb like crazy and reach a ceiling altitude of 37 000 feet. Download Page

Some stats about the plane:

  • 1160 Horsepower
  • Up to 2700 N.m of torque
  • Total empty weight: 830 kgs / 1830 lbs
  • Cruise speed: Anywhere between 50 and 220 KIAS
  • Speed Never Exceed: 250 knots

There are a bunch of features with the freeware plane, including 8K PBR texturing, custom instruments, navigation equipment and the use of a Garmin touchscreen tablet to help guide you. LordFrites has implemented the modern fuel system, in-sim checklists and also working circuit breakers that help give it a ‘payware’ feeling. There are some custom sounds, but no custom engine sound effects (yet).

You can grab the freeware project over on right now and take it for a spin this weekend.


  • 4K to 8K PBR textures.
  • All custom instruments.
  • Dual VOR/ILS Navigation.
  • A large set of dimmable and switchable interior and exterior lights.
  • External static items, remove before flight tags, covers, tie-downs, etc.
  • All switches are working.
  • Compact MFD filled with information (fuel predictions, radar altimeter, live power and torque visualization, magnetic heading and track, etc.)
  • Garmin touchscreen tablet (with map, flight plans and synthetic vision).
  • Original starting procedure.
  • Original systems that can be used as arrestors for short landings.
  • Modern Asobo’s fuel system.
  • Windshield with rain effects, scratches, etc.
  • Working tinted sun visor.
  • 26 working circuit breakers.
  • 30+ custom sounds… but not a custom engine sound (yet), unfortunately.
  • In-game checklists.
  • Detailed PDF documentation (English and French) > Located under “Manual_PDF”.
  • Usage of 4 sets of LODs for better performance
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