FlyTampa Releases FlyAmsterdam v2 for P3D

The latest version of Amsterdam Airport (EHAM) from FlyTampa is now available.

20 Nov 2021 11:03z

Developer FlyTampa has released FlyAmsterdam v2 for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. The all-new scenery product from the development team includes an array of new features and changes over the original version.

Amsterdam Airport, in The Netherlands, is one of Europe’s busiest airports. With millions of passengers passing each year to locations around the world, the airport is widely used especially in flight simulation. FlyTampa’s latest version of the iconic airport brings the layout in the simulator in line with the most recent changes seen at the airport.

In addition to updating the layout and including new terminal buildings, FlyTampa has enhanced the scenery by adding PBR texture work throughout the airport, detailed surrounding terrain, SODE jetways, animated traffic and more.

You can buy FlyTampa FlyAmsterdam v2 for Prearp3D v4 and Prepar3D v5 now from FlyTampa’s website for $26.99 USD.

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