FlyTampa Development Update: Amsterdam and Corfu Previews, and More

Since the release of FlyTampa Las Vegas for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the development team has been mostly quiet. We have known for a while they had a few airports in development, but no progress reports were made from the team on how they were getting on. Suffice to say, when they post just two previews on Facebook, they’re worth discussing.

The first of the two previews is of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (EHAM). The preview image looks like it’s from Prepar3D (I may be wrong) and it appears to feature the newly built A pier has been modelled*. The second preview is Corfu in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The screenshot preview showcases more of the local towns and harbours on the island rather than the airport. It also confirms that the airport and island will be included with the package. FlyTampa did confirm that both Schiphol and Corfu will be coming to both Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a chance that Corfu will also come to X-Plane. Both airports are all-new versions and not just a simple update from the original ones released.

The other bit of news in FlyTamp’s short and sweet Facebook post is the fact that both Athens and Toronto are close to releasing. This is presumably for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There were no further details on these airports, nor previews for either.

As usual with Flytampa, they let the screenshots do the talking so take a look at them above and see what details you can pick out from them. We’ll continue to follow their pages and hopefully see some further news soon.

*Thanks to Niels for the tip.

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