FlyTampa Athens and Animations Previews for MSFS

11 Oct 2021 07:47z

FlyTampa has shared a video showing their upcoming Athens International Airport (LGAV), as well as an animation feature demonstration. We haven’t seen any previews of FlyTampa Athens for MSFS before, and this first preview immediately got up close. Flying over the apron, the video shows the terminal exterior with the iconic blue jetways, and the Athens traffic tower, all in very high detail. On the apron there is clutter, such as cars, pushback vehicles and baggage carts. The video then zooms in to inside the terminal, where not only do we find highly detailed custom terminal interior, but a huge amount of animated passengers, moving about the terminal, talking with each other and taking phone calls.

The video then goes back outside, showing us more of the terminal exterior, this time from the passenger arrival section. Once again, the terminal exterior and textures here look of very high quality and detail. You’ll also notice details, such as cars, busses, street lights, traffic signs and pots with little trees/plants in them. Here too, the animation preview continues with passengers walking around in front of the terminal building and flags waving in the wind, albeit all in unison with the same animation.

The video then goes on to show us the airport by night time. You can clearly see the excellent lighting features at the airport. As part of the animation preview, one building has animated lights that move around the side of the building. You can even see how the light reflects on the ground smoothly, all seemingly without any performance impact.

According to FlyTampa, the scenery, including all the previewed animations, should release in a few weeks.

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