FlyJSim Q4XP Coming This Fall, New Teaser Trailer

06 Sep 2021 15:35z

A new trailer for the upcoming FlyJSim Q4XP has been shared by the developers teasing what to expect from the aircraft when it releases later this year.

The short teaser trailer focuses mostly on the external modelling and animations of the aircraft. From a quick push back, we can see the props starting up with silky smooth animations. From there, we can see great attention to detail on the wheels as they taxi along the ground and roll down the runway. There’s plenty of other smaller details that can be found in the teaser clip.

Finally, the trailer closed with confirmation that the FlyJSim Q4XP will release this coming fall.

If you want to see a more detailed look at the aircraft, you can check this extensive look at the plane which looks at the systems and internal modelling. As usual, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news on the upcoming Q4XP by FlyJSim.

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