FlyJSim Development Update 6 Focuses on Q4XP

FlyJSim, known for their 727 and 737-200 on X-Plane 11, has taken to their blog…

Posted: 04-May-2021 @ 10:30z
FlyJSim Development Update 6 Focuses on Q4XP

FlyJSim, known for their 727 and 737-200 on X-Plane 11, has taken to their blog to share a new development update with the community. The extensive update gives us insight into how development on the Q4XP has been going, along with a brief catch-up on the 727 and 737-200 aircraft.

As mentioned, this particular update from FlyJSim heavily focused on the upcoming Q4XP. The long-awaited aircraft will bring an accurate rendition of the De Havilland Canada Dash 8 to the simulator. Built from the ground up, the aircraft promises to include several features to make it accessible and realistic for simmers.

The development update started with an overview of the visuals for the aircraft. The team reports that modelling is complete, with the texture work 99.9% complete. The majority of the work which hasn’t yet been shown is for the virtual cabin. Based on the 78 seat configuration of the aircraft, the team say that this is the “most interactive and complete cabin [they] have ever made.” Particular attention was drawn to the fact that the Master Display Panel (MDP) is simulated from within the cabin. This unit allows the cabin crew to control the cabin environment and lighting. Pilots have the ability to override the cabin temperatures should they wish to do so. Lighting was also mentioned with working sidewall lights, overhead lights, toilet and stair lights.

As the Dash 8 features no autothrottle, the team is conscious about how simmers will handle power management. While the development blog goes into considerable detail about the challenges they faced, FlyJSim said they will include some accessibility options to make the experience fun and realistic. You can read much more on the development blog on how the process works and why it’s been developed.

Outside of the aircraft, the team has reached out to various painters in the community who have already started work on various liveries for the plane. FlyJSim has confirmed that the default list of liveries is locked in, but more could appear at launch thanks to the fact numerous painters already have their hands on the plane.

727 / 732

Whilst this update heavily focused on the Q4XP, a brief mention was made for the classic aircraft by FlyJSim. A new patch for the aircraft is in testing, which will add changes required for multi-crew flying. This could be about the upcoming Shared Flight utility being developed.


A somewhat detailed FAQ was also shared by the team, possibly answering your questions. For example, the team said that the team is focused on the X-Plane platform only at the moment, with no focus on Microsoft Flight Simulator at this time. You can read the full FAQ shared at the bottom of their development update.

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