Review: FlyInside Bell 47-G2

16 May 2021 00:00z
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Version reviewed: 1.1.6
Press copy produced by: Self Purchase
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This is the very first payware helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developed by an actual Bell 47 pilot. The flight dynamics have been completely customized and run off of an app called “Flyinside Heli Manager.” Resulting in a very realistic and challenging helicopter experience.

Video Produced By: The Flight Sim Deck

FSElite Bottom Line
To some the price of this helicopter might be a little steep. I often equate these things to how much time and fun you will have with them. Granted I would prefer to pay a lower price, who wouldn’t? But I also don’t think $35 is out of the value range for this one. If you plan on using the Bell 47 for hours and hours then it’s very well worth the money. It will always be there for you to use too.
Nicely done model and animations
Mistreatment results in failures
Adjustable skill level

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