FlyingIron Simulations Updates Spitfire with New Sounds and More

FlyingIron’s latest update has been created with the RAF’s BBMF team.

Posted: 15-May-2023 @ 08:41z
FlyingIron Simulations Updates Spitfire with New Sounds and More

More than two years after the products initial release, FlyingIron Simulations’ mighty Spitfire is still getting major updates and changes. The latest update, 1.4.0, which is available right now from FlyingIron Simulations and soon on the Marketplace, continues the trend with an entirely new sound set and changes to the flight model to make the plane even more authentic. Some of the bugs and issues from previous versions have been fixed, or changed based on user feedback.

Most notably, the team has worked together with the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight team to fine-tune their flight dynamics and simulation model. This has resulted in a more authentic flight envelope with refined flight model, engine and ground handling.

The update also contains other improvements, such as authentic differential braking (using the brake lever and rudder), new cockpit lighting and a major sound overhaul. Some previews of the sound overhaul can be found below, though more tweaks have been made since the video was made so it does not represent the final product entirely.


  • Flight Model
    • Flying under a bridge detected, now prevents destroying the prop
    • Increased rudder authority in flight
    • Tuned prop drag
    • Adjusted static height
    • Adjusted MP power at 2000RPM to meet RAF target
    • Increased flap deploy pitch down effect
    • Increased yaw forces
  • Ground Handling
    • Added authentic rudder-controlled differential braking
    • Increased wheel brake power
    • Improved gear suspension
  • Sound
    • Complete overhaul of Merlin engine sounds. Exterior now has 3 unique sound cones (rear, prop & left/right).
    • Interior cockpit sounds updated
    • Remade prop sounds. Added exhaust sounds.
    • Complete overhaul of flyby sound processing.
    • Remade pitch curves and transitions for all engine tracks to be smoother and synchronised across tracks.
    • Added new engine start sounds (exterior exhaust + interior canopy open)
    • Added new distance attenuation models (cockpit + exterior)
    • Updated cockpit + exterior reverb models
    • Updated AI/Multiplayer sounds with the new sounds
    • Fixed AI/Multiplayer Spitfires not audible from inside cockpit
    • Rebalanced & improved wind sounds
    • Corrected wing creaking volume spike
    • Fixed fuel pump attenuation
    • Rebalanced all sounds
    • Pitch trim foley adjusted
  • Systems
    • Added optional accelerometer
    • Increased coolant temp rise
    • Added oil & coolant initial temperatures for hot starts
    • Updated Instrument Cam #9
  • Visual Model
    • Redesigned cockpit spot lighting
      • Low Fuel Pressure and Gear Indicator lights now emit a subtle ambient light
    • Redesigned exterior lighting
    • Fixed oil temperature gauge face
    • Added throttle lever vibrations
      • Widened ASI needle
  • Tablet
    • Added ASI MPH/KTS toggle option
    • Added accelerometer gauge toggle option
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