FlyingIron Simulations F6F Hellcat Update

The first update for the Hellcat brings with it a number of fixes and enhancements.

Posted: 19-Oct-2022 @ 07:16z
FlyingIron Simulations F6F Hellcat Update

FlyingIron Simulations has issued their first update for their recently released F6F Hellcat. The update follows closely on the release of the plane for the MSFS Marketplace, which happened just last week. The update addresses several issues that users have reported with the plane. The update also implements full computational fluid dynamics for the aircraft.

The update can be obtained right now through the FlyingIron Simulations website or the MSFS Marketplace, depending on where you’ve purchased the plane.


Flight Model

  • Implementation of full CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) including tuned CFD ground effect
  • Improved Adverse Yaw
  • Rudder, aileron and elevator fine-tuning
  • Elevator trim authority increased a little
  • Minor tweaks to various component drag factors
  • Wing lift increase

Ground Handling

  • Gear static compression lowered from 50% to 33%

Visual Model

  • Fixed belly antenna, now points aft
  • Fixed default pilot LOD issue
  • Fixed Aileron Tab decal “Right Wing Down” for both directions
  • Fixed ADI roll animation issue


  • Spawn with canopy open…no longer animates to open but spawns instantly in the correct state
  • Added percentage to the tooltip of Cowl and Oil shutter flaps
  • Clock hands now operate on a military 24-hour time
  • Reset clock adjustment offset when time is adjusted in MSFS Toolbar Weather app
  • Fixed Oil Temp gauge incorrect reading
  • Removed windshield camera collision to temporarily fix camera jitter bug
  • Parking brake is no longer on by default (but can still be used via hotkey)

Engine and Propeller

  • Cooling is more effective at altitude
  • 5% less torque effect

Electrical Systems

  • Fixed generator, now turns on from Cold and Dark above 1300RPM
  • Accurate battery and generator curves
  • Battery capacity lowered to 11Ah, which is correct for the Hellcat


  • Added Hobbs meter to the Live Data tab
  • Tablet Live Data speeds were in mph, now corrected and displaying as knots
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