FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Updated to Version 0.7.0

18 Sep 2021 15:30z

Following on from the news that the FlyByWire Simulations A32NX will no longer come back to the in-sim Marketplace (and won’t be released for the Xbox version), the team has released stable version 0.7.0. The update has been described as the biggest update yet with an entirely custom fly-by-wire system, reworked flight model, custom soundscape and much more.

The biggest change with version 0.7.0 is the integration of a completely custom fly-by-wire, autopilot and autothrust system that has been written from the ground up. This gives the aircraft much more robust and realistic handling and includes a number of Airbus-specific modes such as dual AP autoland, Alpha Floor protection and various Fly-By-Wire Normal Law checks. In addition, a new engine model has been included, along with custom pressurization and hydraulic systems. Going one step further, FlyByWire has also included a new electrical system that can interact with each individual aircraft light, display unit and windscreen wiper based on the correct electrical bus. So if you lose some electrical power, the aircraft will react accordingly.

Along with the changes under the hood, some visual and audio changes have also made an appearance with this new build. The cockpit texturing has been reworked and includes a realistic amount of wear, whilst the sound pack now features 100% original samples, with no more audio from the default Asobo A320NEO.

Further to all of the changes with the aircraft itself, the flyPadOS is now on version 2 and comes with a new layout, Navigraph Charts integration, landing performance calculation and other aircraft configuration options.

Again, all of this is available to anyone with Microsoft Flight Simulator completely free of charge. You can download version 0.7.0 (which is stable) via the FlyByWire Installer, which you can download from their website.

Primary Changelog – Version 0.7.0

  • Entirely custom fly-by-wire, autopilot and autothrust systems, written from the ground up to incredible accuracy.
  • Reworked flight model using real-world data, adapted to our custom flight systems.
  • Custom LEAP 1A-26 engine performance model.
  • Entirely custom automatic pressurisation, hydraulic and ADIRS systems.
  • Significant overhaul to avionics system, including more accurate symbology and improved frame rates.
  • flyPadOS 2: New layout, Navigraph charts, landing performance calculator, aircraft configuration options.
  • Entirely reworked cockpit texturing, with realistic amounts of wear for an A320neo.
  • Improved soundscape – entirely custom sound pack with 100% custom samples.

A full changelog can be found on the FlyByWire Simulations documentation page.

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