FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Hydraulic Nose Steering Coming Soon

The team continues to develop the A32NX with new functionality. This new video shows how they will be implementing hydraulic nose wheel steering.

05 Dec 2021 12:31z

The FlyByWire Simulations team continue to press ahead with improving the freeware A32NX. We last saw that they were adding new FMS functionality and improving how LNAV is handled, along with adding new ground handling objects. Now, the team are pressing ahead with adding even more realism to the plane.

According to the team on Facebook, the current limitations of Microsoft Flight Simulator mean that implementing realistic nose wheel steering wouldn’t be possible. However, their “stubborn developers” have decided to implement it anyway. Coming soon, the nose wheel steering will soon be integrated with the hydraulic system. This will also add realistic tiller handling, along with rudder steering.

The team said that whilst some bugs may be present, this will be fixed and improved upon over time.

To show this off, FlyByWire shared a short video demonstrating the new functionality. You will be able to have the tiller and rudder steering separated and you can see how the hydraulics will affect the steering itself.

FlyByWire Simulations continue to impress with their commitment to making the freeware aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator even better.

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