Fly The Maddog X 64bit Update, Instructor Panel Expansion, MSFS Announcement

In the wake of the release of Prepar3D 5.1 Hotfix 1, Leonardo Softhouse has published…

Posted: 20-Nov-2020 @ 15:30z
Fly The Maddog X 64bit Update, Instructor Panel Expansion, MSFS Announcement

In the wake of the release of Prepar3D 5.1 Hotfix 1, Leonardo Softhouse has published their latest open beta update for their popular MD-80 aircraft for Prepar3D. In addition to the official compatibility with the latest iteration of the simulator, this open beta introduces several new features and bug fixes. Furthermore, the team has now confirmed a MSFS version development and what would be their next expansion. This extensive development update is detailed below.

1.7b745 Update Features and Bug Fixes

This update is only available to the 64 bits variant of the Maddog for P3D V4 and V5. In addition to the usual round of bug fixes, the team has now added compatibility to the Aviaserver EFB software, which means the latter may soon be compatible with the Fly The Maddog X, which seems not to be the case at the moment. The other addition of this update is the compatibility with the Pushover printing service. This small service lets you “print” files to other devices such as phones or tablet. In concrete terms for simmers, this means you will now be able to “print” ACARS messages (including loadsheets and SIGMETs) to your handheld device or any device which is compatible with this software.

1.7b745 Full Changelog

– Added P3D v5.1 support;
– Optimizations for supporting v5.1 Enhanced Atmosphere (PBR and metallic reflections);
– Added Pushover support;
– Added Aviaserver EFB and PMS support;

– Improved aircraft/Instructor Panel code;
– No battery drain when the EFB is switched OFF;
– Reverse thrust and flight dynamics fine tuning;
– “Refueled aircraft” and “Automatic update aircraft weight and CG” now separated from the “Realistic mode”;
– Load Manager now correctly exports all settings;
– Quick Guide updated to include latest changes;
– User Manual updated to include latest changes;
– List of Documents updated.

This quite extensive update is incremental and requires 1.7b725 version to be installed already. Users will need to install their air frames in compliance with the instructions enclosed with the update. The 1.7b745 Open Beta update is available to registered users on the Leonardo Maddog forums with dedicated links for P3D V4.4+ and P3D V5.0+ variants.

Fly The Maddog X: Instructor Panel

The team has taken the opportunity to announce that their next expansion for the Fly The Maddog X would be an Instructor Panel. This instructor panel takes advantage of the in-depth failure simulation of the Maddog X, and will come in the form of an  external control panel that can let an 3rd party create failures and manage system. This Instructor Panel will be compatible with the Shared Cockpit function, either in local mode or over the internet.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Compatibility

Last but not least of this important announcement, the team has now officially confirmed they were working on a Microsoft Flight Simulator version of their MD-80 add-on. Leonardo Softhouse is now on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Beta Team, which has helped them a lot studying and experimenting with the sim, as well as creating closer links with the MSFS developers. Therefore, along with this announcement, the team has shared first previews of their aircraft in MSFS. The team however further added that the path was long before a full release could be possible, along the same line as PMDG with their latest development update ; for users this means that Leonardo Softhouse remains commited to P3D ecosystem for the time being

This wraps up this extensive development update for the Leonard Softhouse Fly The Maddog X aircraft. Make sure to stick around FSElite for further news as the flight simulation ecosystem has been rapidly evolving lately.

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