Fly 2 High Releases Daegu International Airport for MSFS

Daegu - Visit the Apple City

Renowned MSFS scenery developer Fly 2 High has released its rendition of Daegu International Airport (RKTN) for MSFS, offering users of the platform a new South Korean destination to explore.

Located at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Daegu International Airport (RKTN) is the primary hub serving the city of Daegu and its surrounding area. The airport is considered a joint civilian and military facility and hosts the Royal Korean Air Force’s 11th Fighter Wing on its premises.

Daegu International Airport (RKTN) was initially constructed in 1937 during WWII when Japanese forces occupied the Korean Peninsula and it saw extensive military use during the Korean War, beginning with its participation in Operation Bout One, which aimed to provide emergency training to South Korean fighter pilots on the F-51 Mustang. The airfield was gradually upgraded throughout the war, first by being equipped with an upgraded runway in 1950 and later, in 1951, by receiving its first concrete runway. Today, though still seeing military operations, the airport primarily serves a civilian purpose, with many South Korean Airlines operating from its grounds, including Asiana Airlines to Jeju, T’way Air to Bangkok and Tokyo-Narita, and Jeju Air Air to Taipei-Taoyuan.

Scenery developer Fly 2 High, known for previous projects, including Warsaw Chopin International Airport (EPWA), has released its rendition of this important South Korean aviation hub. The developer has indicated that the product includes a hand-made highly-detailed virtual recreation of Daegu International Airport (RKTN) featuring high-quality ground textures covering runways, aprons, and roads, a fully-modeled terminal interior, custom-built jetways, and a custom GSX profile, maximizing immersion for prospective customers.

Fly 2 High’s rendition of Daegu International Airport (RKTN) for MSFS can be purchased via the developer’s simMarket store page and will cost you €16.00 Ex. VAT. Customers having previously purchased the developers Cheongju International Airport (RKTU) scenery are entitled to a discounted price of €13.00 Ex. VAT.

Feature List

  • Hand-made ground texture sets (runways, aprons, paths, roads)
  • Fully modelled and detailed terminal interior
  • Custom built jetways with realistic variations using PBR texturing and animations
  • Animation human, traffic, etc.
  • Flags flying in the wind
  • GSX profile
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