FlightSimLabs Prepar3D v5 Compatibility, A320-X Sharklets and More

In a forum post, Lefteris Kalamaras has given an extensive update regarding the A320-X series…

Posted: 16-Apr-2020 @ 19:06z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:24z
FlightSimLabs Prepar3D v5 Compatibility, A320-X Sharklets and More

In a forum post, Lefteris Kalamaras has given an extensive update regarding the A320-X series in Prepar3D v5 and compatibility, the Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 and excitingly, the A320-X Sharklets.

First up, with the release of a new hotfix for Prepar3D v4.5, FlightSimLabs will release a small update that will add compatibility with the latest hotfix. This release will not any new features. It will soon be beta tested by the team and once ready, will be released to the public.

Moving onto Prepar3D v5 compatibility, Lefteris touched on the fact that there has been a lot of underlying changes with the engine’s code with particular note of the move to DirectX 12. The team are testing the product line right now with the aim to update soon. Related to Prepar3D v5, it is confirmed that there will be no upgrade fees, but asked the community to note this is not an easy or simple task and will require some time. Lefteris also said that simply moving and copying files over will not work in Prepar3D v5, nor would FlightSimLabs support anyone who chooses to try this.

Alongside the updates to Prepar3D v5, Lefteris also confirmed that a huge range of changes to the A320-X series will also be coming soon.

In particular, the A320-X will see the brand new S8 software updates to the FMGS, which includes updated FIX INFO pages and also MDA/DH replaced with BARO/RADIO. Furthermore, CPDLC systems will be included and PBR textures for the IAE and CFM models.

  • Added S8 software updates to the FMGS
    • MDA/DH replaced with BARO/RADIO
    • UPDATE AT deprecated
    • IRS INIT page updated
    • FIX INFO pages updated
    • DMC updates for Profile/VDEV and approach identifiers
    • Flight Guidance NPA logic revised
  • Added CPDLC systems
  • Added DCDU displays
  • All new PBR textures on the external IAE and CFM models

The A321-X is then expected to see an update shortly afterwards, with the S8 update and also some PBR enhancements. Similarly, the A319-X will also see an update to bring the aircraft to the same standard.

Following on from the Winglets updates, a new package for the A320-X series will then be released. The “Sharklets” addon for their Airbus A32X series will release with both the A320-X SL and A321-X SL and both engine variants. This update will be available as a separate purchase on the FSLabs store. The update will not only update the visual model, but will also add the relevant flight characteristics. A list of the major differences was shared. Interestingly, an EFB has also been confirmed to be included and is also previewed.

  • Electronic Flight Control System
    • Load Alleviation Function (LAF)
    • Aileron Anti-droop system
  • FMGS S8 version update (as above)
  • Fuel System:
    • New fuel system supporting center tank jet pumps
    • Updated FQIC and FLSCU logic
  • Updated FWC to latest software standards
  • Updated SDAC to latest software standards
  • New ISIS model
  • New DU LCD colorset for better contrast
  • DDRMI now optional
  • SATCOM Radome now optional
  • iPad-style Electronic Flight Bag now optional
  • Lighting:
    • All lights are now LED
    • Each LED light has accurate warm up / cool down times (exclusive FSL feature through FSLSpotlights technology)
    • Anti-strobe blocker option to prevent cockpit glare
  • Oh, and did I mention the sharklets added to the wings? 🙂 Fun aside, the external model features many differences – some subtle, some not so much, like the upper wing to body belly fairing…

That wraps up his extensive forum post. You can read the original post on the FSLabs forums.

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