FlightSimExpo 2021 – How to Watch, Get Involved, and More

If you haven’t already noticed, FlightSimExpo 2021 is happening this weekend. Starting on Friday, 24th September and concluding on Sunday, 26th September, flight simmers will be together both virtually and in person for the largest flight sim conference this year. Those who are attending in person will get to enjoy San Diego’s sights and the Town and Country Hotel will be full of simmers ready to go hands-on with the latest hardware. For those who can’t go (such as myself), a virtual online event is being held so you can watch all the seminars, developer announcements and more.

How to Watch

If you can’t attend the in-person show this year, you can still very much be involved with the event. For the first time, FlightSimExpo will also be hosted virtually. The online event will host all the seminars, developer announcements, host giveaways and much more. This is the perfect way to jump in and watch any of the many seminars that will be covering a wide variety of content. Seminars including how to build your home cockpit, developer announcements and interviews, online flying and much more.

Participating online to watch 3-days worth of content costs just $15.00 USD. You can still register even now and on the day you’ll be given a link where you can access all this great content. Not only that, but you’ll be supporting the show and enabling the organisers to continue with shows in the future.

Our Hub Page

You can also track the action on our newly designed FlightSimExpo 2021 Hub Page. As we have done each year, our hub page will be your all-in-one solution to keep updated with the latest news from the show. This year, we have taken steps to include a dedicated Live Feed that will constantly update throughout each of the days of the show. This live feed will be support by a team at home and at the show, meaning you will get a pretty varied array of content. From snaps of booths at the show and covering all of the major seminars. Be sure to bookmark our Live Feed to stay up to date of the key points from the show and some behind the scene stuff (note that it’s empty right now…).

In addition, our hub page will have all the headline news from the show, a complete schedule and also host some exclusive developer interviews throughout the weekend.

Whilst we won’t have the same huge presence at the show as we have in the past, we’re doing what we can to give you the feeling of being there even if you can’t.

Check out the hub page here (it will be updated a lot also between now and Friday).

Getting Involved

You can get involved yourself by watching some of the freely available livestreams. Whilst online registration will give you access to everything, there are going to be five freely available livesteams to watch. These include the opening presentation, Thrustmaster’s developer seminar, Laminar Research’s keynote and others.

Developer Interviews

As mentioned, we have a range of developer interviews taking place during the show. We will be speaking to the likes of Thrustmaster, Laminar Research, Virtual-Fly, and others to talk about new products, what they have on display and much more.

You will find those on our dedicated FlightSimExpo 2021 hub page.

Are you at the show?

Send us your best snaps in our Discord channel and we’ll feature them on our live blog.


Wherever you may be this weekend, please enjoy it. Whilst it will be a bit different this year, this is still our only opportunity to get together for a weekend as a community.

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