FlightFactor Posts Statement on A320 Ultimate

FlightFactor developers have taken to the X-Plane forums with a new statement regarding their A320U…

Posted: 23-Oct-2019 @ 20:53z
FlightFactor Posts Statement on A320 Ultimate

FlightFactor developers have taken to the X-Plane forums with a new statement regarding their A320U aircraft.

The FlightFactor A320 Ultimate is nearing the release of version 1 and developers and testers are hard at work finding and fixing bugs in the beta version 0.11.5 that was recently released. The A320 Ultimate was initially released as a “non-beta final” Just over a year ago and FlightFactor stated they would not consider any version to be vx.0 and will remain v0.x until they were satisfied with what was on the market. This strategy was to indicate tp users and developers that the aircraft still had a long way to go before the team could release a v1.0 version. FlightFactor developers have confirmed that Version 1 of the aircraft is close to being released. In the post on the X-Plane forums, FF stated that nothing will change, but they will continue to work on the model, fix any bugs that may arise and add functionality to the aircraft. The team has already confirmed that the aircraft is VR compatible as well as failures, detachable popouts, and much more to come.

The list of things to fix goes on and on and fixes will be released as they come along.

As stated above, a beta version has been released for those who wish to participate, please read the release notes on the X-Plane Forums. This beta release has a number of bug fixes and a few improvements. The recently released beta is a release candidate for Version 1 of the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate.

If you wish to read the entire forum post, it is available for all on the X-Plane Forums. For those who do not yet own the FlightFactors A320 Ultimate, you can pick it up on the store.



* Pop-out 2D windows

* fixed bug with throttle jumped to 30% after reverser button
* removed awfull noise after aircraft reload
* fixed thrust lever position in cold state
* fixed crash on AMD Ryzen processors

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