FlightFactor Announces 777 Reborn for XPL

Over the weekend, Ramzzess from FlightFactor confirmed the development of a new version of their Boeing 777 Pro aircraft for X-Plane. Back in 2012, the team released its first 777 model and since then, they have built a variety of aircraft in the Boeing family learning plenty of new tips and tricks on how to create aircraft.

About 8 months ago, the team started working on a brand new Boeing 777 with “different principles in mind and different philosophy for the end-user.” FlightFactor says that this comes with all of the features of previous models created by the team, but will also be supported by a “great team of 3Ddesigners, programmers” and professional pilots. Ramzzess says that the product will give you the experience of flying as an airline captain, but also how real pilots will train in the aircraft type – hinting that there will be an in-depth level of systems for the 777.

In addition to the news, the team shared a number of renders of the project in development.

Finally, the team showcased a number of display screens you can expect to find in the product. This includes the FMS, the EICAS and also the onboard EFB with ground service integration.

For Ramzzess, the 777 holds a near and dear place in his heart as he has become a 777 type-rated pilot in the past year. This hands-on experience will help to solidify the product and deliver a great simulation of the plane for X-Plane.

When it comes to releasing 777 Reborn, Ramzzess said that it will be out when it’s ready. They do have an internal release in mind, but will announce it publically once they get close to that date.

Of course, there will likely be other questions from the community as to what is happening with other FlightFactor projects. The A320 is still working on the modelling work, whilst the 787 also sees continued development work. With the 787, there is some commonality with the 777, meaning there could be some cross over in features.

You can view more screenshots and read more about the project over on the X-Plane.org forums.

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