FlightFactor 777 Reborn – Summary from FlightSimExpo Presentation

An example of how detailed the product will be is through passenger configuration. In this single example, FlightFactor said you are able to configure the passenger weight based on ICAO standards, single weird, custom airline policies or totally random. Continuing with weight and balance, you go into whatever depth you want for the ZFW. You can literally build your own aircraft by selecting the types of the seat, the locations, class configurations and more.


FlightFactor confirmed that the 777 Reborn will have failures and scenarios. In total, about 500 failures are implemented so far, and there’s more to go. You can fail everything from pumps to fuel. It’s confirmed that the following failure behaviours will be included.

  • Direct random failures
  • Pilot induced failures
  • Scenario-based failures
  • On start failures

It is also confirmed that an editable minimum equipment list will be included, meaning you will need to ensure that your aircraft is fit to travel.

FlightFactor 777 Reborn - Summary from FlightSimExpo Presentation

Exterior Inspection

The 777 Reborn will include a Walk-Around & Exterior Inspection function. You will have to perform a full walk around and is fully interactive. Some of those points may have a failure and you will need to recognise them. You also open/close certain elements to inspect them.

If you miss anything important during your walk around, you can induce a failure after takeoff.


You can do full save states for the 777 Reborn. You can save and reload the plane exactly as you left it the last time you flew.

FlightFactor 777 Reborn - Summary from FlightSimExpo Presentation


The 777 has standard pages for receiving and sending images. Flight Factor are looking to allow compatibility with several CPDLC and AHARS systems through the 777 interfaces. They are hopeful more functionality will come in the future.

FlightFactor 777 Reborn - Summary from FlightSimExpo Presentation

Ground Equipment

All possible ground equipment will be included in 3D and functional. You can interact with the ground crew also and this will be more realistic. You will be able to call different stations and establish communication with the ground and cabin crew in a way they do in real life when you get services. Four different voices are being used to help build this system.

FlightFactor 777 Reborn - Summary from FlightSimExpo Presentation

Maintenance Pages and Monitoring

You will be able to access the maintenance pages and monitoring for bug reports. This is usually what the engineering team would usually see, but is modelled in the 777 Reborn.

FlightFactor 777 Reborn - Summary from FlightSimExpo Presentation

Multi crew Cooperation Concept

“The idea here is for you to have the experience of flying with a crew when you’re flying alone.”

The team is hoping to include voice sets that replicate the idea that you have a fellow pilot with you in the aircraft. It’s hoped it will be included when they ship the plane, but it is quite complicated to develop. It’s worth noting that this isn’t a shared cockpit.

GE-90 Engine Confirmed

A short sound clip was shared confirming the GE-95 engine will be coming first. Every fan and every switch has been recorded.

Release Date / Price

No mention of dates to not let people down. Almost most of the team is working on the 777 and the 787. No pricing mentioned either.

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