FlightFactor 767 Professional FDPS Package Released

After a few teases, the team at FlightFactor has released the 767 Professional FDPS (Flat…

Posted: 21-Dec-2019 @ 12:46z
FlightFactor 767 Professional FDPS Package Released

After a few teases, the team at FlightFactor has released the 767 Professional FDPS (Flat Display Panel Screens) on X-Plane 11. The new extension package adds the IS&S panels which have been designed to retrofit existing 767 and 757 aircraft to give pilots much more detail on their displays.

The extension itself is an add-on for users of the Boeing 767 Professional. On, where you can purchase the extension, it lists the product as $999.00, however, included in your original invoiced of the Boeing 767 Pro (regular or extended), you will find a code that reduces this price to the standard $20.00.

Along with the release of the FDPS extension, the team also updated the aircraft to version 1.3.1. The new update includes new features such as a new ALT alert zone option, new save states, along with fixes including brake-related logic, possible fixes for TERR/WXR and also an issue with the APU spool time. You can find more about the update on the forums.

FDPS Extension Features

  • High resolution (768 x 1024 pixels) XGA multi-color LCD flat panel display with integrated standard six – FULL glass cockpit
  • All digital electronics with improved accuracy, dependability and responsiveness
  • DCP with Speed Reference Settings
  • Minimum Selection (Radio or Baro) Units Selection
  • Integrated Barometric Altimeter Setting
  • Flight Path Vector
  • Meters Altimeter

Version 1.3.1 Changelog

  • Added FPDS Avionics (available as an extension)
  • Added alt alert zone option
  • Added saving/restoring windows positions and active context (pop-up or pop-out, etc)
  • Fixed some brake related lamps logic
  • Fixed possible glitches in TERR/WXR images after consequent mode changing
  • Fixed look-ahead markers depiction in TERR
  • Fixed WXR strange patterned output in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with right VHF mic transmitter not working
  • Fixed the APU spool time
  • Fixed fd/cmd fma indication for land2/land3 modes
  • Fixed right cdu pop-up clickzone
  • Fixed Icelandair livery in the 767_Europe_3 pay-ware livery package
  • Fixed Hawaiian livery in the 767_Oceania pay-ware livery package
  • Fire test correction
  • Default VHF MIC buttons changed
  • Changed the brake hydraulic pressure logic
  • Removed PA from cargo
  • VOR auto/man is automatically set to auto when hsi mode returns to map/plan
  • Some fixes for VOR MAN/AUTO logic
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