FlightControlReplay v5 Update Released

New update brings additional ghost plane modes, new UI, and toolbar integration.

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Fabio Merlo has just released a brand new update for FlightControlReplay v5. The Summer 2024 update brings with it a new user interface, integration with the toolbar and new ghost plane modes.

The new trailer above really demonstrates it best, with plenty of new information about what the changes are. The tool now directly integrates with Microsoft Flight Simulator and you can now easily do cinematic replays and automatic camera switches. Furthermore, the new update adds custom support for PMDG 737, Fenix A320, the iniBuilds A310, and Just Flight’s 146.

The update also comes with a price cut for owners of version 4.5, who can now purchase the upgraded package for 8.25 Euros (not incl. tax).

Perhaps the most hotly anticipated feature, given the popularity of the aircraft, is the improved compatibility with the Fenix A320. Now the replay tool can capture aileron and spoiler movements and will display these in replays. Also new to the v5 update is the ability to record tiller movements from within the cockpit.

The Dune Ornithopter also receives support from the addon in v5, and Fabio is making an SDK available to third-party aircraft developers wishing to make their addons compatible with FCR, and Fabio is making himself available via email to developers wishing to integrate their products with the tool.

A full feature set is included below.

Main New Features

  • New User Interface (MSFS + P3D)
  • Customizable Size and Transparency (MSFS + P3D)
  • MSFS Toolbar integration and in-game controls (MSFS only)
  • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch (MSFS only)
  • GhostPlane : formation flying live with AI duet pilot (MSFS + P3D)
  • MSFS Airliners Custom Support PMDG 737, Fenix A320, Fly The Maddog, iniBuilds A310, Just Flight 146
  • Next gen memory management for performance upgrade (MSFS + P3D)
  • Landing Touchdown Report (MSFS + P3D)
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery
  • Easy setup of the software
  • MSFS users : all included in 1 automatic setup
  • P3D users : the same 1 automatic setup and 2 Microsoft separate packages are required
  • FREE download of the User Manual PDF before purchase

Further details, including links to purchase, can be found at the FCR website here.

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